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Missing a tooth is a dental problem that many people today face. Losing a tooth can be the result of diseases and complications, trauma to the teeth, deterioration and old age, or the tooth simply wasn’t there in the first place. Fortunately, there are dental methods that offer a solution to missing teeth which includes Dental Implants. Of the many tooth replacement methods (dentures, bridges, etc.), dental implants are the most preferred and popular option in replacing missing teeth.

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attached implant

The process in which one gets a dental implant is done through a surgical procedure because the metal implant has to be attached into the patient’s jawbone underneath his gums. This will allow oseointegration which is the fusing of the metal into the bone stabilizing the entire implant. Dental implants have a great reputation among dentists seen as a really safe treatment and a great way to secure an artificial replacement tooth. Today, we are going to through why there is a preference for dental implants over other tooth-replacement methods.

1.) Implants help create a more natural smile – Sometimes people who wear bridges or dentures find that they don’t sit in properly. When smiling, this can create awkward alignment among the real and artificial teeth especially since these aren’t really secured to the mouth. With dental implants, the artificial tooth is screwed onto the implant which is set into the bone making it set flush against your other teeth.

2.) Implants won’t be embarrassing – When bridges and dentures slip and shift it can sometimes be an embarrassing ordeal trying to adjust them back with your tongue let alone having to use your hand to remove it. With Dental Implants you won’t have to worry about any of that. Dental implants can sit quite comfortably in your mouth without the problem of shifting or slipping which can cause an embarrassing situation.

3.) Implants are much more convenience – When having to eat, people who wear bridges or dentures will have to remove them to enjoy the meal more comfortable. And as we have mentioned, this can be embarrassing in front of others. In addition, the slipping and shifting can hinder proper speaking. Dental implants are much more convenient. Once you get the artificial tooth attached, you won’t have to worry anymore.

4.) Implants help in oral health – Having a missing tooth can mean an abnormal growth in the underlying jawbone. Because there is no tooth to support to area, the bone will develop in an abnormal way. When an implant is attached into the bone, it will osseointegrate or fuse into the bone thus providing support to the area. In addition, the process of getting an implant doesn’t affect other teeth unlike bridges which has to shape down the other teeth.

5.) Implants are much more durable and long lasting – A Dental Implant is made of strong titanium metal making it very durable. Add that to the fact that dental implants basically fuse into a patient’s jawbone creating a very stable structure that can last a very long time.

Baby carriers are one of the best things that any mother (or father) can have. As a parent, you may have been in situations where you are busy doing stuff and your baby just keeps crawling out of your site or your baby cannot bear not to be in your arms and just keeps getting fussy. This is where the baby carrier comes in.

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baby wrap

A baby carrier is basically a worn item which securely wraps or straps around your body and either at the back or the front, your baby can sit and lay comfortably against your body. The great thing about this is that your arms are free to do anything. Having a baby carrier is great for when going out with your baby. You can run errands while knowing your baby is safe with you or you can take your baby exploring to see the world. But what if the months are starting to turn cold, could you still take your baby outside with the baby carrier?

In reality, baby wearing during the cold winter months is more about your choice of clothing and how you properly dress your baby for warmth but you will still have to try to find the ideal carrier to use for cold winter weather in order to keep you and your baby comfortable. The baby carrier that you use can add an extra layer which will improve warmth and protection from the weather.

Taking your baby out during winter is a great way to expose him to the beauty of a changing environment so you will want to choose a good baby carrier for the cold. Here a few things that you need to think about when choosing the ideal baby carrier for the winter.

  • You will want to choose a baby carrier that can easily be adjusted. Adjustability is an important factor of wearable items to make sure that you stay comfortable and if you are going to be going out wearing a many layers of clothing, you really want to be able to properly adjust the carrier to fit. Buckle carriers, ring slings, and wraps are good options.
  • Go for a carrier that can be put on and taken off in a simple and easy way. For times when your baby gets unhappy or wants out, you will want to be able to take him/her out quickly. For things like this, buckle carriers are the preferred choice due to their fast and easy usage and you won’t have to work with dragging straps.
  • If you want something that can really add more warmth for your baby, you will want to go with a wrap baby carrier as it is one of the warmest baby carriers out there. If you have an infant, you may prefer a stretchy wrap which can be worm and pre-tied and then you just need to tuck your baby in.

When choosing the baby carrier to use for winter make sure you keep these things in mind so that you can really find the best one to wear along with all those layers to keep warm.


Radon gas, some of you may know about it, some of you may not. Radon gas is a harmful gas which rises up to the surface from underground radioactive material. Now what makes radon harmful is that when inhaled, it can cause problems to your lungs and even increase the risk of lung cancer. In fact, radon gas is the second leading cause of lung problems in the US next to cigarette smoking. When rising up, radon gas can enter into homes and build up there and to make matters worse, the stuff is actually colorless and odorless making radon gas the stuff of nightmare.

Radon Reduction

radon mitigation

However, this problem is not all unsolvable. Through Radon Mitigation, the process of removing radon, we can lower down the radon levels in our homes down to a safer level which poses no risk to humans. In radon mitigation, a radon mitigation system is installed in the houses provided it has been properly tested and found with high levels of radon. When using the system (either passively or turned on with electricity), it will slowly vacuum the gas and vent it outdoors. However, despite this serious concern, many myths surrounding it still go around which is why we are going to debunk three myths about mitigation radon at home.

Myth 1: We cannot be affected by radon gas – Many people are wondering why we are just recently learning about this harmful gas and if it is detrimental to our health why not many people hear about it. In truth, radon gas does not directly cause problems. However, inhaling the gas for a prolonged period of time can lead to the development of other lung problems meaning it is a catalyst to respiratory health problems.

With something such as this building up in our homes, it is important to consider Radon Mitigation as a way of preventing such problems.

Myth 2: There are no regulations on radon mitigation – Although not all states have regulations regarding the matter, the state of Ohio has made it mandatory to have radon testing in homes to identify the levels of radon indoors. Only then will it be up to the homeowner to decide what to do. There are also a number of states that have made it a regulation for newly built houses to have a radon mitigation system installed into the structure to keep radon levels at a low from the beginning

Myth 3: Radon mitigation will only be a liability – The use of a Radon Mitigation system in the house can use a considerable amount of electricity. However, the advantage that it can offer to the home is much more valuable than the energy that it has used.

Taking the time to find contractors and install the ideal system can take some time, effort, and money but once it is set up, the radon mitigation system can help make sure that radon levels never reach a dangerous level and you and your family can be confident in the air you breathe at home.

Employees are probably the most valuable resource that any company has. It is they who provide the manpower that is required to run the business and keep things afloat. In order for a company to properly function and perform the needed amount of work that needs to be done, it has to have the right amount of employees and all positions must be filled by well qualified people. However, there are times when a company cannot immediately find someone to fill in a job opening or there is a need for temporary extra help. This is where companies turn to agency staffing for help.

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Staffing agencies are basically companies that can help other companies in terms of providing temporary employees to fill in open positions for a temporary period or provide extra help when the company takes on a big project. Basically when a company doesn’t have the time to process the recruitment of temporary employees, it is the staffing agency that does all the work. When there is a need for the company to hire a temporary employee they turn to the staffing agency who will look through their list of employees and find the ones best qualified to send to the client company.

Basically staffing agencies can provide a convenience to their client companies who are looking for some extra manpower. But what else can working with staffing agencies really bring to your company? Well today we are going to look into the benefits of agency staffing to your company.

1.) Expertise in hiring – Often times the people behind the staffing agencies have a certain level of knowledge that some HR departments do not have. Usually hiring someone in your company can take a complex effort from the HR. However, when it comes to staffing agencies, they have a more efficient way of hiring people and this also comes at a lower cost.

2.) Reduced costs – When a company hires employees through a staffing agency, the costs will be lower as opposed to hiring them directly. This is due to the fact that it is the staffing agency that handles the entire process of employing people they also help these people in terms of costs that come with testing during pre-employment, screenings, etc.

3.) Large networking – When it comes to staffing agencies, they will have a larger worker database meaning they have connections to different people and companies. If a company contacts them needing an employee, they can simply look through their database of workers and find the ideal employee to send to that company to work for the stated amount of time.

4.) Employee retention – One of the best things about hiring a temporary employee through agency staffing is that you and your company can sample the performance of that employee while he is still in a position that is temporary. When the time does come that you won’t need that employee for the job anymore, you can hire him for a full-time position based on his previous performance.

The development of technology these days just continues to innovate the way we do things. USB which is short for Universal Serial Bus IS a system used to connect a variety of peripherals to one’s computer. These peripherals can include displays, pointing devices, communication devices, data storage, etc. Basically what happens through these connections is a USB data transfer. Although the technology of USBs isn’t something really new, it has only gained must popularity recently because of the greater software support around it.

Data Hub

USB port

The usual approach before with computer hardware like the mouse and the printer was it was simply plugged into the computer’s back panel where there were a number of sockets for that purpose. There were different types of connectors in the back panel each having a special application. There were connectors that were made for the mouse since it worked by transmitting serial data. Printers on the other hand make use of a parallel data cable while the monitor has its own plug as well. This type of system was well suited when it was first used and was good enough for quite many years to follow.

However, with more technologies being developed, many PC users have started to experience certain problems with this system and approach. These days you will find a lot of different types of peripheral equipment that one can connect to the PC, from digital cameras, scanners, high-speed modems, as well as specially made pointing devices. Although these can fit quite right with the sockets both parallel and serial in your PC, there is no way for you to fit in two devices into one socket so one can understand that space is something concerning with this current system.

So you might wonder; why not just have more places where you can plug your devices into? Well that is actually a viable solutions and has been done many times before wherein one would add more sockets on to the PC. There are even those who connect the device right into the PC itself removing the need for plugs and sockets but due to how a PC is built and structured, this approach can be quite limited.

This is where the USB and USB data transfer comes in. With a USB system one can easily make things a lot simpler by improving the user friendliness of the system with the computer’s hardware. Understand that not everyone is that computer savvy and actually knows how to properly work with the different plugs and hardware of the computer. With a USB system even the average computer user can easily work all of the connections. All one would have to do would be to plug in the USB system to the PC’s back panel just like other peripherals and then additional devices can simply be plugged into the USB itself.

With a USB system, things can be made much easier for the average Joe when it comes to computers and USB data transfers can be more efficient which is why this system is a more ideal approach to connecting computer peripherals.


The rain has been incessant. It is unusually chilly today, maybe because I decided to spend the day with my boyfriend who is undergoing neurotherapy at the Colorado Neurological Institute. I gently cup the warm mug of hot chocolate, with lots of marshmallows and a dollop of cream in my hand. I needed some cheer and I thought my favourite beverage would ease the worry in my heart.

Neurological Rehabilitation


Stephen has not been very responsive to treatment and therapy these past two weeks. He dips from being positive to depression every now and then. He has always been the outdoors type of guy. We would go camping, run marathons together, swam in lakes during the summer, and would go skiing in winter when time permitted. Because of a fluke biking accident, he has been relegated to his bed while they fix both knees and his left foot. It is frustrating enough if the weather does not permit him any outdoor activity, but it is worse when he sees how his injuries have dimmed his hopes of biking around Europe in the summer or trying his luck at the Ironman in Hawaii.

I try to keep his spirits up and tell him to look forward to neuro rehab when he is strong enough to regain use of both legs. The doctors are optimistic, but they caution him against extreme sports that could do more permanent damage in the future.

We had plans of going to Japan this winter, to try out skiing over there and at the same time traipse around Asia for a total of four weeks. We have been to South America and realized there that travel and adventure is what we’ll be doing in the next twenty years. Now all of that have been put on hold. And I don’t know how to make him bounce out of the depressing state of his health.

His physical therapist is a cheerful lady, who mothers him and at the same time pays no heed to him when he feels like whining or sulking. She even reads to him on the rare occasion when she has some extra time to talk to him. I hope Elsa is there today when I visit him, so I don’t get run over by whatever mood he is in at this time.

I learned that they go through such a phase. But that things should get better when he makes a milestone like be able to put his weight on one foot, or be able to bend it without feeling so much pain. It’s a good thing that he is a health buff, because he is not keen on getting too dependent on paid medication.

Oh well, it’s time to go. I check my dress, it’s peach with a pale yellow print – cheerful enough I think. Today is a good day and I want to hear him laugh like he used to, carefree and loud.  I remind myself that better days are coming, a day at a time.

One of the eye problems that plague many people around the world are cataracts. This is the eye disease where the person’s eyes particularly the lens starts to become cloudy and opaque which results in the person’s vision becoming blurry. To treat this eye problem, the person would have to undergo Cataract Surgery. During cataract surgery the person’s lens are actually removed and replaced with an artificial lens allowing the person to see much more clearly again.

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removing cataract

To understand cataract surgery better, we should understand the purpose of our lens. Well the reason we have a lens in our eyes is to that it can properly bend and refract the light that is coming into your eye allowing it to go through your cornea and onto the retina creating the image that you see. Normal lenses are clear so that you can see properly but with a cataract, your vision will look clouded. Having a cataract in your eye is like looking out through a dusty or foggy window where things are hazy and not ass colorful as they are supposed to be.

The eye professionals responsible for working with patients who have cataracts are ophthalmologists. It is usually recommended that you have a cataract removed when it starts interfering with your responsibilities and things that you want to do. As mentioned during cataract surgery your lens will be removed and replaced. The replacement lens is known as intraocular lens or IOL. During a consultation with the ophthalmologist you will know more about the IOL that you will be receiving.

Before the actual Cataract Surgery, the ophthalmologist will first have to take proper measurements of your eyes. Using that data he will determine the focusing power of IOLs that you need. You will also talk about any current medication that you are taking. Your ophthalmologist might tell you not to take certain meds before undergoing cataract surgery.

Before the surgery your ophthalmologist will also prescribe you with some eye drop meds. These will help prevent you from developing any infection and reduce the swelling that occurs after undergoing cataract surgery. The ophthalmologist will also ask you not to eat any solid foods at least six hours before you are schedules to undergo cataract surgery.

The surgery itself is performed either in a hospital or in an outpatient surgery center. Before starting, the ophthalmologist will numb your eye with eye drops or with an injection. He may also ask you to take some meds to relax. Take note that you will be awake during the entire procedure and you will be seeing light but you won’t see what is actually going on in your eye.

After undergoing surgery you will be ask to stay in a recovery area for around fifteen to thirty minutes to rest. The incision that the ophthalmologist won’t be stitched but it actually self seals itself. After the recommended recovery time you can go home. Make sure you don’t strain your eye after Cataract Surgery. Allow it to properly heal after the procedure.

Custom shutters and Custom Blinds are an important part in the interior decoration of any home. The addition of shutters or blinds is a great way to make your windows look a lot better and complement the look of the room. In addition, your blinds or shutters at home can help set the mood inside the room depending on how much light you let in which can be controlled by adjusting the custom blinds or shutters.

 ustom Blinds

beige blinds

There are a variety of colors and designs for you to choose when it comes to blinds and shutters which means you can make your home’s interior look more beautiful in a variety of ways. However, your blinds or shutters will be subject to deterioration over time and you will need to be particular about maintenance in order to keep their quality. To help you out, here are tips to make your custom blinds and shutters last longer.

1.) When purchasing custom blinds and shutters, make sure you go for ones which have a higher quality. Although you are paying more, you are getting blinds and shutters that can last far longer than others.

2.) Make sure you regularly clean your custom blinds and shutters. By doing so, you can make them look better and prevent the buildup or dust and dirt which contributes to further deterioration of the shutters and blinds.

3.) Avoid using commercial cleaning products on your blinds and shutters because they contain harsh chemicals. As much as possible limit yourself to using a soap and water solution for cleaning your Custom Blinds and shutters.

4.) Before you wipe your custom blinds and shutters make sure you dust off and remove any particles that have settled on the surface because these can result in scratches if not removed before wiping harming your blinds or shutters.

5.) When the day is humid or it is raining outside, make sure you close your windows to protect your custom blinds and shutters from moisture which can really harm them and provide the environment for molds to develop.

6.) Do not roll up your custom blinds and shutters with some moisture left on them. Before you do so, make sure you wipe them dry thoroughly to prevent moisture damage.

7.) If the day is particularly windy, roll up your custom blinds and shutters or close the windows. The strong force of the wind can damage them and even damage your windows if the frames are closely attached there.

8.) If you have custom wooden blinds make use of a dusting brush. Choose a brush that can easily reach the small areas and thoroughly clean the corners to properly clean the wooden blinds.

9.) Avoid leaving your custom shutters opened or hinged down for long periods of time. Doing so can result in more weight pulling down the Custom Shutters which can damage the frame and result in cracking.

10.) Call in professional cleaners to clean your custom blinds and shutters from time to time since they can more efficiently clean them using their tools and equipment.

Cosmetic dentistry is something that has become quite popular in the dental industry and in society today. You have probably even seen a few ads about Cosmetic Dentistry somewhere in your area with images of perfect looking pearly whites. If you don’t know what cosmetic dentistry is about, it is basically a form of dentistry that focuses on the aesthetics of people’s teeth and the appearance of their smiles. People who really want to get a great looking smile turn to cosmetic dentistry in order to get their teeth treated.

Dental Implants

hidden implant

The people who work in the cosmetic dentistry industry are known as cosmetic dentists. It is cosmetic dentist that help people achieve their goals when it comes to the appearance of their teeth and smiles. In order to make sure that their patients are satisfied, cosmetic dentists offer a variety of cosmetic treatments that can address just about any concern that people have with their teeth. But if we get into it, what can you really get from cosmetic dentistry. Well today we are going to address that concern and look into the things that cosmetic dentistry can offer you.

1.) Better looking teeth – As we have already mentioned, the main purpose of going through cosmetic dentistry is to make your teeth and smile look better whether it is whitening discolored teeth, mending chipped and cracked teeth, or getting them into proper alignment. No matter what kind of concern you have with the look of your teeth, as soon as you go through a Cosmetic Dentistry treatment, you will walk out the dentist’s office with an improved smile.

2.)  A boost in confidence – Feeling a lot more confident is one of the things that people experience after getting their teeth worked on by a cosmetic dentist. After all, who wouldn’t feel more confident knowing that their teeth look a lot better? People who come out of dental clinics after a cosmetic dentistry treatment usually walk out wearing a big smile and feeling a lot more confident with how their teeth look.

3.) Stronger and protected teeth – In addition to making your teeth look better, there are also treatments offered by cosmetic dentists that make your teeth stronger and help give them protection. This is true for treatments like bonding, veneers, and dental crowns which are used to treat teeth that are damage with cracks and chips. When a tooth is treated with the mentioned treatments, it will help strengthen it and protect it from further damage.

4.) Jawbone support – When a person has a missing tooth or a misaligned row of teeth, the jawbone will lack some support. Fortunately, wearing braces which help realign teeth or getting dental implants to replace a missing tooth it can help give some support to your jawbone. These Cosmetic Dentistry treatments can actually help with oral health since it prevents the bone from developing irregularly leading to further complications.

So these are a few of the things that cosmetic dentistry can offer you. If you want to benefit from one of them, consider looking for a cosmetic dentist who can help you out.

Taking up a Yoga Class after work or school can be a great way to get some respite from such a hectic environment where anxiety seems to be the only thing going through your mind. For anyone living a stressful life, taking up a yoga class might seem like a great idea. With over twenty million people in the US taking up yoga you can conclude that it is quite popular and with over ten billion being spent every year on yoga related services and products, you can see how big the yoga industry is.

Yoga Studio

yoga classes

A lot of people take up yoga classes due to the benefits that yoga has to offer both mentally and physically. And although it will take a while of practicing yoga before you can experience many of the benefits, there some things that you can benefit from yoga by just taking one class. Today, we are going to take a look into those four benefits which you can get from just a single session. Maybe it can help convince you to sign up for a yoga class.

1.) Improves the function of your brain – Hatha yoga, a style of yoga that has been practiced for quite a long time which focuses on physical form instead of the sequence or flow of the body helps improve the brain function of the practitioner after only twenty minutes of practicing the ancient style of yoga. A study around Hatha Yoga Classes found that those who practiced it for only twenty minutes has better performance in brain functioning test conducted after compared to people who performed other aerobic exercises in the same time.

2.) Lowers one’s level of stress – One of the most popular benefits of practicing yoga is it helps one cope with stress. What’s great about it is that you don’t have to invest a lot of your time to experience such a benefit. If you are feeling quite stressed, go for a yoga session and you will be able to reduce the stress that you are feeling and help make you feel better which can be especially helpful after a hectic day at work or at school.

3.) Alter your own gene expressions – An interesting effect of performing yoga even just for a short time is that it alters our own gene expressions concerning our immune cells. This translates into the benefit that practicing yoga even for a single session helps give you a boost in immunity. This benefit has been found in a study in Norway using a group who performed yoga and another that went on a hike.

4.) Increases your flexibility – Other than help reduce stress one of the main benefits of taking up a Yoga Class is that it makes you even more flexible. You don’t need to be an expert to know how yoga helps make you more flexible. The flow and variety of postures performed in yoga will sometimes push ones limit in flexibility especially in the lower back, hamstring, and shoulder muscles.

If you want to remodel your home and make it look great again you should always look to work with a professional Interior Designer. By working with an interior designer you will be able to have someone who has the proper skills and knowledge about the matter by your side. You will find that by working with an interior designer your remodeled home will turn out looking great and beautiful and possibly even exceeding the expectations you set before the project begins.

Home Interior Design

interior design materials

However, hiring an interior designer is a challenge in itself. There are quite a number of interior designers out there whom you can choose to work with and the challenge is looking for the one designer who can really deliver the results that you want. To help you out in hiring an interior designer, here are ten things that you should consider so that you will be able to find someone great to work with.

1.) Budget – In order for the designer to know how much he is working with, you need to set a number. You will be able to find designers who can work with your budget and make the most out of it.

2.) Location – Think about the areas in the house that you want remodeled. Rooms that are connected via an open passageway may be best remodeled together instead of remodeling them separately.

3.) Timeline – Think about your schedule and the schedule of the designer. Make sure you set the time period so that you are available when the designer is doing the remodeling work in your home.

4.) Expectations – To make sure that you really get what you want in the deal, you need to be honest with the Interior Designer. Set some expectations and tell him want you want in the end of the project.

5.) Accommodations – When you are having a room remodeled makes sure you can go by without using that room for some time especially if it is your own bedroom or the kitchen.

6.) Making decisions – If there are multiple people in the household, make sure you all come together and make decisions together so that no one will be left out and everyone is satisfied in the end.

7.) Special Needs – When it comes to remodeling a home, you will need to consider any special needs within your family especially considering disability, and someone who has other health problems.

8.) Pets – If you have pets make sure you think about them also when having your home remodeled. If you have large dogs you will want them to have lots of space to run around.

9.) Involvement – Think about how you can get involved in the project. If you are a busy person you might leave all the work to the Interior Designer but if you can set aside some time to unleash your creative side then why not?

10.) Having fun – Remodeling your home is a challenging but fun job so above all, make sure that you will have a fun experience and really make your home the way you want it to be.

If you have a labradoodle puppy which has already matured into a beautiful dog you may want to him or her cut especially if you do not want to have any puppies which can be quite a handful. There is nothing to worry about since getting your labradoodle spayed or neutered is absolutely legal and as long as you go to a quality and reputable vet, you’re sure that your dog is in good hands. However, there are still a number of dog owners that do not want their dog to be cut.

cobberdog breeder

tan labradoodle

You might think that you are hurting your beloved dog but the once cute and adorable labradoodle puppy has now grown into an adult dog and there are actually some advantages to getting your labradoodle spayed or neutered both to you and your dog. So if you still don’t seem to be convinced, here are six reasons why you should get your labradoodle spayed or neutered.

1.) Prevents overpopulation – You should know that around three to four million animals are euthanized annually because of their growing population and you do not want your dog to contribute to that problem so getting him or her spayed or neutered isn’t really an ethical problem. You don’t want your dog to have puppies unless you are prepared for the expenses.

2.) Has health benefits – Getting your dog spayed or neutered will help reduce the chance of your dog developing any health complications. Male labradoodles who get neutered have a reduced chance in getting testicular cancer, prostate complications, hernias, and testes infection while female labradoodle puppies who get spayed will have a reduced chance in getting uterine tumors, cysts, and mammary cancer.

3.) Helps in aggression – Mature labradoodles who are not neutered tend to be aggressive to other male dogs whether at home or outside. This can be quite inconvenient because then you would have to keep your labradoodle on a leash to make sure he doesn’t hurt other dogs. The aggression is a result of the dog’s aggression which can solved by neutering him.

4.) Prevents any sexual behaviors – Labradoodles who are mature and ready for mating display sexual behaviors such as being uneasy and you might find your male labradoodle suddenly humping your leg which can be funny but quite embarrassing especially if you have guests.

5.) Reduces any mess – Female labradoodles who are in heat will tend to have discharges of blood from her privates and this can stain your carpeting, furniture, etc. and if you do not want to have to clean up such a mess you may want to consider getting her spayed preventing any future hard to clean messes around the house.

6.) Your dog won’t roam around – Labradoodle puppies are already quite curios and love to go around but once they have matured into an adult they will tend to wander around even further in search of a mate which can be dangerous and keep you worried. If you do not want your dog to do so, get him or her spayed or neutered.

Wearing braces can be a painful and uncomfortable ordeal. If you know someone who has worn braces, you have probably seen them a couple of times when they seem uncomfortable and feeling pain especially after getting their braces tightened. When I was still a little kid, I watched my siblings get braces since their teeth were quite misaligned. When it was time for me to get my braces, I was too scared and avoided getting them entirely. I didn’t like the idea of having metal brackets and wires over my teeth.


clear aligners

As I got older I started to regret it. My siblings had great looking teeth while mine didn’t look as good. There were a few crooked ones and it made me really become conscious about my smile. It didn’t really affect my oral health and it wasn’t that big of a problem but it still bugged me. Then I happened to stumble upon something called invisalign. It basically worked like braces and helped correct any issues in the alignment of a person’s teeth. While doing some research on invisalign I was able to learn a number of facts but there were also a couple of fibs. From what I have learned and consulting my dentist, we are going to address the few fibs about invisalign.

1.) Invisalign is only limited to minor dental problems and not fit for major dental problems – In reality, the treatment of invisalign is not limited to minor dental issues. Invisalign can help treat both major and minor dental problems provided they are properly assessed by the dentist. In fact, invisalign can be used to treat dental problems like underbites, crossbites, overbites, teeth that are overcrowded or have wide spacing and a number of other dental problems. Just make sure that you consult with your dentist regarding the problem you want addressed.

2.) Invisalign is more costly compared to traditional braces – Up front, you will see that invisalign does cost more than braces. However, the prices between invisalign and braces aren’t that far off and you will get more value with invisalign. With invisalign, you are able to have more convenience since the clear aligners used in invisalign are removable. To help with the budget you can have flexible payment plans.

3.) Invisalign is a hindrance – When wearing braces it can sometimes be quite uncomfortable. Other than it being slightly painful after wire tightening, braces can be annoying especially when it comes to eating and speaking. However, it is different for invisalign. With invisalign you can remove it when desired. And since invisalign is made from plastic and resin it will feel much smoother in your mouth unlike braces.

4.) You will need to pay for extra aligners when you lose one – Since invisalign is removable there is a chance that you will lose one of the clear aligners. If it really happens that you lose a clear aligner, you do not need to worry about spending for more to get another set. Many dentists offer up to six replacements to your lost clear aligners.

One of the best ways to decorate your windows is with the use of window treatments. Although many people see them as an aesthetic addition to interior design, window treatments also serve practical functions like blocking out sunlight, providing privacy to the people inside, insulate the temperature, etc. Depending on what you want to achieve aesthetically or what function you want the treatment to serve, you can choose from a number of different options. Today, we are going to take a look at some examples of window treatments.

Custom Window Coverings

white blinds

1.) Window Shutters – Shutters have a clean and smooth appearance which can give a modern and timeless element towards your windows. Custom Window Shutters are more properly tailored to your windows if you want a more refined appearance. All window shutters make use of rails and louvers which can be remotely adjusted allowing the user to adjust the amount of light and privacy. Because of the solid structure of window shutters, they are quite durable and easy to clean as well.

2.) Window Coverings – Coverings function better in providing privacy but can also work well in framing your view, blocking sun light and is also aesthetically pleasing. Window coverings come in a variety of colors and designs which you can find in the local home depot store.

3.) Vertical Window Blinds – Window blinds that are vertically oriented are designed to be installed on large windows. They can also be used as a substitute to drapes and curtains. The slats on vertical window blinds measure around four inches and their angle can be adjusted in order to control the entering sunlight and the privacy you desire.

This type of window treatment is manually adjusted through a draw string. When you pull the draw string, you can stack the slats to either side. Vertical window blinds can be made from wood, fake wood, cloth, or plastic.

4.) Horizontal Window Blinds – Horizontal window blinds are both aesthetically good look and quite functional. You adjust them to go up or down by the amount that you desire. To achieve better control of light, you can adjust the slats at an angle. Horizontal window blinds are usually made from metal or wood but you can choose to invest in Custom Window Blinds so as to have more control over the materials being used. The entire window blinds can be adjusted through a cord, a wand tilt, or even a remote system.

5.) Window Shades – Window shades have a wide variety of options that you can choose from. When you go to the home depot store you can find window shades of many colors and styles. Custom Window Shades are the way to go if you can’t find window shades that properly fit or fit your style and design taste.

6.) Window Valances – Window valances are a great addition to your windows to provide a good finish. If you feel like your windows are missing something even after purchasing other window treatments, you may want to try out window valances and see how it can complete the look of your windows.

Developing a strong brand is a process that needs to have proper planning and begins with a clear idea of how the people want the company along with its products to be perceived by the public and where they want their product to reach in the market. Brand Development is no easy thing to do, but when successfully done, the company is able to enjoy the benefits which can really help push them and their products into further success. Today, we are going to talk about the benefits of being able to develop a strong brand.

Web Development

advertising agency

1.) Recognition from customers and the public – When in the process of choosing a product and making comparisons between two, the brand can play a big role in helping the customer finally decide. Customers are more likely to choose products that have a well-established brand with good reviews and reputation compared to a product with an unknown brand. It is actually psychological because people tend to learn towards things that are more familiar. That is why it is important to push the development of your brand making sure it is properly marketed to gain trust among the public and customers.

2.) Better sales of new products – Brands that are strong and well recognized have less risk when they are launching new products. When customers have purchase previous products of a certain brand and have found them to be of great quality, the greater the chance of them purchasing products from the same company. Brand Development involves not only marketing the brand but making sure all products under that brand are of quality and will satisfy the needs of the customers.

3.) Customer loyalty – Brands that are well developed and strong can help bring more customers and clients to the company and entice more people to purchase their products. Another one of the benefits of having a strong brand is being able to keep customers loyal to the company with them while regularly buying new products from the company. With customer loyalty, companies are able to slowly increase pricing without the risk of losing customers which results in higher revenue.

So those are a few of the benefits that companies can enjoy when having a strong and developed brand. But how can a company properly develop their brand to be able to be recognized by the market, make good sales in new products, and keep customers loyal? Well Brand Development really involves being able to send a strong message.

It is important that the target message of the company must be clear and consistent. The message should also be able to target a certain audience that the brand is aiming to serve. You cannot create a brand message that will be targeted to multiple audiences or else your message will be unclear and even confuse potential customers.

Once a company is able to properly develop its brand and have a strong and well-recognized one, it will take a step further into succeeding in their market and growing as a business.

One of the best inventions that have allowed the elderly and physically disabled climb up a flight of stairs is the Stair Lift. The use of stair lifts in residential homes has been very helpful allowing the user to comfortably and conveniently go up the flight of stairs which would have been a grueling challenge without the help of the stair lift.

With the development of the stair lift, more versions have been built to adapt to certain situations like different staircase design and built in with more features. Today, we are going to talk about the different types of stair lifts that are commonly used today.

Residential Stair Lifts

stair lift

1.) Straight-railed stair lifts – Also known as straight stair lifts for short, this type of stair lift is the most common type of lift. A straight stair lift can only be built and installed onto a staircase that has a straight design without any bends or landings. Compared to other types of stair lifts, straight stair lifts are actually quite simple due to their design. The rail just needs to be cut down to length during installation and set up quickly. Because of the simplicity, straight stair lifts are relatively cheaper.

2.) Curved-rail stair lifts – Compared to straight stair lifts, curved stair lifts are much more complex. As the name implies, curved stair lifts must be installed on staircases that are curved, bent, or have landings along the way. The design of this Stair Lift is well adapted to take on curves and bends and will require proper measurement and installation. The installation time for a curved stair lift is much longer compared to straight stair lifts and curved lifts are more expensive as well due to their complexity in design.

3.) Outdoor stair lifts – The stairs on the outside of your house especially the ones leading to the porch area can be fitted with stair lifts. However, you cannot just install simple straight or curved stair lifts there. There is a specially made type of stair lift that can be installed outdoors called the outdoor stair lift. The outdoor stair lift is pretty much like other stair lifts only that this type of stair lift is better adapted to brave outdoor weather like rain and sun. You can even find outdoor stair lifts that can withstand snow.

4.) Wheelchair platform stair lifts – Compared to other Stair Lifts, the wheelchair platform stair lift or just platform stair lift is much more robust and heavy. This is because platform stair lifts are designed to carry the weight of a person along with whatever he needs to bring up. This is used by people who use a wheelchair and need to go up the flight of stairs that is why instead of a seat on the stair lift, you can find a platform. You can even stand on the platform as the lift goes up the stairs.

So those are the different types of stair lifts that are commonly used today. Each type has its own benefits so before you purchase one, make sure to do your research on it.

Ponds or water gardens have become quite the trend in architectural scenery recently. Although you usually find them on the gardens of commercial properties, they have found their way into the homes and residences of the common people. After all, who wouldn’t want to have such a beautiful attraction in one’s home? Even with the big challenge of planning and building the pond, many people still pursue it and make it a reality. I have done some research and talked with people who have their own water gardens and have compiled reasons why people build their own water garden at home.

pond fountains

aquatic life

1.) To make their yards more attractive – Simple yards will trimmed grass and a few plants and flowers just seems all too common these days. The best way to maximize a yard and unleash its full potential is to invest in landscaping the area and that can include building a water garden within the yard. The water garden can act like a centerpiece of the entire yard and bring harmony to the aesthetics of the property.

2.) To have a place to relax – Lakes, rivers, and waterfalls are a few of the simple pleasures that nature has to offer. Many people find it relaxing to visit these places and admire their beauty, so why not bring it to your own home? Having a water garden is like having a mini version of a waterfall or lake. By having one at home, you can visit it after a stressful day to admire the beauty and relax and even renew your connection with nature.

3.) To have a hobby – Building and tending to your own water garden at home can be quite fun and many people work on their own water gardens as a favorite past time. Think of it like tending to your own bonsai tree although water gardens feature more life and has a more dynamic element with waterfalls and flowing water.

4.) To fulfill a dream – There are some people who really desire having a water garden or pond but are restricted with their current residence. You can’t build your own water garden if you live in an apartment building or don’t have enough space in your yard. Once they are able to move into a property with the appropriate space for the water garden, their dream of having can then be fulfilled.

5.) To maximize the space in the yard – Sometimes there is a bit too much space in the yard to work with and you do not know how to landscape the entire area. There are people who can utilize small spaces and turn it into a beautiful water garden. Doing so will allow you to make use of all of the space in the yard without leaving any area empty fully maximizing the look of the yard.

So those are a few reasons why people choose to build their own water garden at home. If you feel like you relate to some reasons, then why not go ahead and build your own water garden in your yard?

I’m sure everyone who has planned a wedding especially married couple knows what of a challenge it is to do so. Now one of the most important people that you will be working with when you are planning a wedding is the wedding caterer, try asking some married couples. Having a wedding caterer removes the need to worry about a whole lot of things in the wedding like providing food, pouring drinks, etc. It can be a challenge trying to look for a caterer to serve at your wedding, but when you have found the right one, it is important to properly coordinate with them so you know what will be going on.

wedding venues

wedding catering

But the thing is, when you have a caterer, do you know what food they will be serving at your wedding? Now just like choosing a caterer for your wedding, preparing the menu can also be a challenge unless you know the palette of every single of your wedding guests. To learn more and be able to have some control on the food being served, here are some things to inquire with your wedding caterer regarding the menu.

First, try getting in contact with their chef. Ask what foods he has wanted to prepare lately that is exciting. Most of the food you will find at the menu is just the usual, but what if you can serve something special and unique to your wedding guests? There is a chance that the chef has come up with a new recipe and he wants to serve it so you can coordinate with the wedding caterer to serve this up at your wedding day. In addition to that, this will make the caterers and chef more enthusiastic because they are preparing and serving something new.

Now it is also important to get the opinions of the chefs and wedding caterers as well. They have been doing this for quite a while so they will know what foods guests really liked in the past. This is very helpful especially if you have no idea about what type of food you think your guests like so you can get the opinions of people who have served a lot of people in past events and weddings. It doesn’t hurt to follow the advice of people who know what they are doing and have a lot of experience.

Once you have an idea of the food that is going to be served at your wedding, it is time to ask about how the food is going to be served. Wedding caterers give their clients two options on how the food is prepared and served during the wedding. The first one is the food is cooked in their own kitchen and will just be brought to the venue or you can have the chefs prepare the food at the venue itself. Obviously you will get a more personal experience by having the food cooked at the venue itself but keep in mind this will cost you extra.

During a Probate process you are sure to have a probate lawyer by your side. After all, you cannot open the probate estate without the help of a probate lawyer. After the process has been opened in the Probate court, the probate lawyer will remain to assist you until the process is concluded and the beneficiaries are able to receive their inheritance from the decedent. A probate lawyer can assist the personal representative or executor by taking care of the needed paperwork and documents, checking the value of the decedent’s assets, distributing the remaining assets, and more. But in what other ways can a probate lawyer help in that you don’t expect?

Elder Law

probate documents

  • Giving advice – Yes a probate lawyer can give you advice. During most of the probate process, he will be guiding you and telling you what you need to do, but there are times when the decision has to be made by the personal representative, the beneficiaries, or the family of the decedent, decisions like on how to pay off the bills and debts of the decedent. The probate lawyer can give his opinion on paying them off and if needed, what assets can be sold to pay off the debt.
  • Helping in the selling of Property – In the matter where the representative, beneficiaries, and family decide to sell a property of the decedent to pay off a certain debt, especially if the debt is quite high, the probate lawyer can step in and help them to sell this property so that they are able to secure the needed money immediately and be able to pay off the debt so that the probate process can be concluded faster.
  • Settling disputes among beneficiaries – Now it is not uncommon to have people in the family and the beneficiaries to engage in a lot of arguments regarding the property of the decedent and how these are to be distributed. Chances are the personal representative will find himself in the crossfire which needs the intervention of an Estate Lawyer. The lawyer can provide much needed information like the will of the decedent to help people understand what has to be done and who gets what during the probate.
  • Getting court permission for certain actions – There are times when a certain action has to be taken during the probate process which isn’t usually taken during a probate process or is not handled by the court. If such is needed, it is the probate lawyer that will go to the probate court and get their permission to perform these needed actions. It is important to know the probate laws that are set in the state or area and make sure that these actions will not go against the law in the area and will be beneficial to the entire probate process.

So these are few on the things in which a Probate Lawyer can help you in the probate process that you do not even expect. A probate can be quite a big task and you will need all the help you can get.

More and more homes today are getting solar panels installed on their roofs to help utilize the solar energy from the sun and maybe you are also considering getting one too. However, this is a big decision to make as there are a lot of things to take care of in solar panel installation. Take note that you are talking about a thirty thousand dollar system that is to be set up on your roof. Obviously you will have a lot of concerns and questions regarding this so we will try to go through the common concerns people have with getting a solar panel and giving our answers.

solar panels

solar panel installation

The most common concern people have is whether or not they can have a solar panel system installed in their homes. When I was first thinking about getting one installed, I hardly had any idea of what a big project this would be. Apparently there are things on your home that have to be evaluated before you can even have a single panel installed on your rooftop.

Experts came in and they assessed the area of the roof which the panel would fit on. They had to assess the amount of sunlight that hit the roof during different times of the day. It is important that the panels are facing south at a 20 degree angle. If ever there are large buildings or trees that can obstruct the sunlight, then forger about getting solar panels.

The next concern that people have is how big of a solar panel they are going to need installed. Basically this is limited by how much area you have available on your roof top and how much of a budget you have for the total project. What you can also do is to check your energy bills from the past. Take a look at how much electricity you are using and maybe you can work around that.

Another concern is how long it will take to have a solar panel system installed on the room and wired to the house. In my case, I was able to see the entire system installed in a period of two days. But the period of time will really depend. You should also take into consideration the signing of contracts, getting the approval from the electric company in your area, take note that the professionals will also be doing a survey of your home and area to see if it is able to maximize the use of solar panels.

Now another common concern is how much the entire project would really cost. As I mentioned I got mine for around thirty thousand dollars in total. I did the math and the hardware alone accounted for sixty percent of the total cost, meaning that the remaining forty percent of the costs will be for other things like the installation, wiring, and other stuff including the labor. Yes the total cost is quite a lot but I would say every penny is worth it considering this is clean energy and over time I will be able to save on the energy bill.

If you own a startup business or a business that has outgrown the current office, you will eventually have to find a new office space to move into. Bear in mind, that moving into an office is more than just a few step process. Before you can move into an office, you have to decide and make sure that that office is the proper one. This means that you will have to plan out a list of potential office spaces from which you will decide which one to go for. To know which one you should move in to, you should do a proper assessment of the potential office spaces. Assessing an office space involves:

virtual office space

contemporary office space

1.) Checking the price or rent of the office – Obviously you won’t be able to move into an office space that is out of your budgeted price range or else you will just find yourself in a struggle trying to pay off the rent one day. So when taking a look at the potential office spaces, make sure that you take a look at their prices and see if it fits your budget. If ever an office space is over your budget, then rule it out so that you can narrow your list down.

2.) Take a look at the office size – If the reason you are moving out of your old office is that it has grown too tight inside, then it is important that you visit the potential office spaces and take a look at their size in space compared to your old office. You don’t want to move into a new office only to find out that there isn’t enough extra space or it is even smaller than the old office. If you are in a startup, then do not need to worry much about office space size especially if you are still fairly new, but it is important to expect growth which requires some extra space.

3.) Check the internet connection and phone connectivity – When you are going to visit the potential office spaces, you will want to try testing out some calls to see if the phone signal inside is strong. In addition to that, you should also try asking if you can connect to the Wi-Fi in the area and test the speed of the internet connection. Both internet connection and phone signal are important in office work and you do not want to move into a space with crawling net or weak signal.

4.) Understand what limitations or opportunities the office space sets – When you move into a new office space, you are given more opportunities to grow and expand the business. However, as time goes on, these opportunities will become limitations when your company has already outgrown the area, which is why it is important to do some planning about the office space you are going to move in to. Consider how long you are going to stay there, and what you can do for the time being inside the office space.

People who are getting facelifts these days are doing so for the reason that getting a facelift can “turn back the clock”. But I could only wonder, how long will the clock stay back and how is it possible? Naturally, skin will sag and develop wrinkles because of age and that is just nature taking its course.

When a person gets a Denver facelift, the surgeon will try to remove some excess skin as well as tighten the tissue underneath giving the patient a younger look which is why it is considered to “turn back the clock.” Now the effects of a facelift are also subject to deteriorating over time, but what is it that helps facelifts retain their effects for time? Let’s take a look at the factors.

denver botox

facelift surgery

1.) Skills and experience of the cosmetic surgeon – Obviously the more experience and skills a person has regarding a certain process, the better he will be able to perform it when needed. This applies to facelifts and the skills of the cosmetic surgeon that go to have your facelift done. The more adept the cosmetic surgeon is, the better he will be able to tighten your face and make it look younger and also make sure that his work will last longer.

2.) How the patient takes care of the skin after the facelift surgery – Just like any form of surgery, a facelift has a period of recovery for the patient wherein the skin is still in the process of healing and must not be subject to things that can disrupt the healing process. After the surgery is completed, the surgeon will give instructions to the patient as to how she should take care of the skin after the Denver facelift.

It is very important to follow these given instructions which involve protecting the affected skin from sunlight, applying the right skin healing products and also avoiding make up. If you fail to follow these instructions during the recovery period and even after, then your skin will be affected and chances are the scar won’t properly heal and will remain quite visible.

3.) Daily lifestyle of the patient – Our daily lifestyle which involves our diet and daily activities can affect our bodies. People who eat certain foods or vegetables can benefit from the nutrients provided and even give their skin a glow that one cannot achieve through mere skin products. Now since this is the case, someone who knows how to take care of their body will have skin that stays young looking.

When that person decides to get a Denver facelift when time has finally caught up with his her skin she can continue to live a healthier lifestyle to keep the skin looking young. Our daily activities also affect our skin. Someone who is out under the sun a lot will show very early signs of skin aging which is why cosmetic surgeons suggest you avoid sunlight on your face because of its negative effects on the skin along with the risk of getting skin cancer.

As a landscape architect, I have to take into consideration the requirements as well as the peculiarities of a home owner. I have an interesting client today because he wants a Japanese garden to be designed at the back of his house. He bought the house just last month but did not have much time to look at it. He bought it fully furnished, but is planning to have a minimalist look. He is not Japanese, but he lived in Japan for ten years and has absolutely loved having a Japanese garden. So here I am in his house and about to explore the garden. He wants half of the garden to be indoors or at least partially covered by a roof. I suspect the covered part is for yoga. I can see dark wooden planks for the floor and then it would lead to a Japanese garden with a small pond, where a small foot bridge would go over it. The shrubs will have to be trimmed and the trees trimmed like a topiary. But I noticed something at the corner of the patio, an assortment of potted plants. Quite nice to look at, because they’re all green and have different shapes of the leaves, a mix of succulents and decorative plants. I went for a closer look and realized that a good number at the back part were potted Marijuana plants!

Growing Cannabis Indoors


The previous owner was growing Marijuana indoors. What am I supposed to do with it? I know it is legal if it is for medicinal use, but one has to have legal access to it. This clearly is not. I will just have to inform my client and let him decide, and if he wants to throw them away, well, I would keep a pot myself.

It’s actually a reading corner, because there is a small shelf-cum-side table beside the wing chair made of exquisitely woven rattan. And running true to form, there were several books underneath the table; How To Grow Cannabis Book, the Marijuana Growing Guide, and a Cannabis Grow Book. Interesting reads I am sure.

I think a few Japanese lanterns will lend the much wanted ambiance of a serene Japanese garden. I am tempted to get some bamboo plants but I am not sure it would be a good idea. Back in Bangkok, these are favorite haunts of snakes. I know I am in California, but hard habits are difficult to break, and the idea of a snake in this patch of paradise just isn’t appealing. Superstition also follows us Asians wherever we are. I have lived in the US for more than 20 years and I still can’t shake the superstitious beliefs my mother terrorized me with while growing up.

I am already excited at the Japanese sliding doors that would lead from the house to the patio at the back. Rolled up bamboo blinds adorn the patio, to be rolled down when the sun gets too hot for comfort in the summer. Ah, so many things to do, to make this space look beautiful and still maintain a minimalist look.

Gardening has been my hobby for as long as I can remember. Back when I was just a little kid I would scoop up some soil and transfer them across our yard. I also loved picking out some flowers and creating a bunch which I would give to my mother. I guess you could say it all started there. Because of that I was a pretty messy child. Growing up I developed a love for things that grew and I always tried to find the best products to use in gardening that would help the development of my precious plants and flowers. Little did I know that I would one day stumble across a product that didn’t seem like much but seemed very useful to me, this product was rubber mulch.

playground rubber mulch

red rubber mulch

As a gardener, I always wanted to find a way to boost the development of whatever I was growing on my own garden. I tried fertilizers and all the other stuff. It seemed like there was nothing else for me to add to my garden to I lost thought about it. At this point in time I wanted to focus on the aesthetics of my garden and wanted to make it look better.

In my goal of making my garden look even better, I was looking for some tips. Because of that, I decided to visit my grandmother and my cousin who lived in the countryside. My grandmother always loved tending to her garden, when I was around 7 years old I stayed with her for the summer where I learned quite a lot of gardening.

When I arrived, my grandmother and cousin where working at the garden as usual. I didn’t inform them of my visit so it came as a surprise really. I really loved how they had arranged the flowers. When we had dinner that night, I prepared to ask questions about how I could work on my garden. My grandmother said she would show me the next day because she was too tired tonight to do anything else. I wasn’t in much of a rush so I didn’t really mind at all.

The next morning, we went to the garden and my grandmother showed me all her flowers. I couldn’t help but notice there was some chippings that seemed to be made out of wood. She said that was called mulch. She told me all about the mulch and not only does it benefit her plants, but it can be used decoratively as well. I made sure to take note of that product.

When I went back home, the first thing I did was go to the garden store and looked for some mulch. What I found there was recycled rubber mulch. I asked the people there about it being different from the wooden mulch I saw at my grandmother’s place. It turns out that rubber mulch actually is better than wood mulch in so many ways. Rubber mulch even last a lot longer and in addition to that, it comes in a variety of different colors which you can get creative with on your garden.

My daughter Ysobelle is on her senior year in high school and is working hard on her admission to university. She plans to study occupational therapy, and if finances permit, to eventually become a doctor specializing in neurological rehabilitation. To most people her age, it is just a matter of preparing for their future career, to Belle, it is about giving back to the people who helped her recover from an accident when she was a child and made it possible for her go back to being a normal and healthy child.

Speech Therapy


Belle was ten years old when she got injured in a vehicular accident while on a trip to another state to participate in a school competition. I was not among the parent chaperones on that trip as I was by then a single parent and could not take time off from work. Belle was severely injured, and stayed in the ICU for two weeks, in a coma, while the doctors did their best to reduce the swelling in her brain. The doctors did their best, but did not give assurances considering the extent of her injuries. They have seen lesser degrees of similar injuries and the prognosis often did not look good.

By some miracle, Belle, woke up from her coma in the middle of the third week and was breathing on her own by the start of the fourth week. When the tubes were taken off, it was obvious that she was going to live. The elation was however shortlived because Belle somehow lost her motor skills, speech, and practically was a baby in a ten-year-old body.

One of her doctors saw Belle hold on to life even when the odds were against her. She, together with an occupational and speech therapists designed a program that they thought could work on Belle. They also involved me, because the logic is, I would be the person with her when she eventually gets out of the hospital. I was told of the prospects and the realities of the struggle ahead of us, and that it was important that I understood the possible strain it would have on me.

We went through her program religiously and made sure that we took every step to recovery even on days when a trip to the neuro rehab clinic would be impossible. The doctors and therapists cried tears of joy at every small victory, every milestone in Belle’s recovery. Belle had to learn how to talk again, how to use a spoon, how to walk and relieve herself in the bathroom. It was a painful four years, but the reward of her full recovery is all worth it. By her second year, I started homeschooling Belle on the belief that one day, she would be back in school, just like any normal kid, with only some scars to show that she had been through a painful recovery process.

Belle went back to school when she was fourteen, four years after the accident, making up for only two school years. She is older than her class by two years on graduation day, but it doesn’t matter because she is living a second life.

The issue on climate change has spawned a lot of initiatives on how to preserve and rehabilitate the environment, but the discussions are for the most part confined to the policy aspect of it. I am no tree hugger but I love this Earth just as much and have started my own advocacy by applying where I have some degree of influence.

Last year was a milestone for me, when I opened my own health-food business, delivering pre-ordered healthy lunches and cold pressed fruit juice drinks in the commercial area. Thanks to a network that started in yoga class, I was able to set up a business model that is so environment-friendly that even deliveries are conducted using a bike!

One of the challenges for me however was the waste management process of the business. There is a waste disposal system of course, but I just thought that there must be a better option than that. Most of the food waste from my business is comprised of fruit and vegetable peels. It would be shame to just throw them away when these can still be put to good use.

Commercial Composting

Food Waste Compost Systems

I searched for alternative solutions and found Sustainable Generation which specializes in scalable solutions in clean-tech commercial composting systems. My operation is very small to have its own composting system, but the company referred us to one of their clients who can certainly use the food waste that we generate every day.

It’s an interesting concept and certainly worth investing if one’s business is generating a significant amount of waste that can still be processed into a new product or converted into renewable energy. Sustainable Generation offers a wide range of products and services, which amazingly can be scaled to fit the requirements of the client.

They are an authority in composting systems, whether it’s for the commercial or private sector. They offer expert advice on food waste compost systems, biosolids composting, and commercial composting systems. It’s a good business because they can influence clients to be truly concerned on the environment by doing their part.

My clientele has grown from 2 offices to 9 offices where I serve healthy lunches on a regular basis. I am looking at expanding within the next two years when I can be more confident in the stability of my business. I am already looking for a place that would be strategically located so I can serve my clients better. Expansion also means that a food composting system might be a good idea. This would be my version of coffee grinds packed as fertilizer give-aways to patrons.

I am thinking of partnering with my supplier for organic fruits and vegetables. I am excited and looking forward to the possibilities of this undertaking. One can be profitable by doing things right. Ten years ago I would not have thought about social entrepreneurship as a career direction, but here I am with my own start up, with my small contribution into making this world a better place.

Windows are often ignored when we decorate our interiors. Most of the time it’s the furnishings that are dressed up or accessorized while windows are just routinely cleaned as part of the housekeeping process.

Interior designers disagree, as windows can add beauty to any interior as well as the exterior of the house. Window treatments like shades and blinds can be a subtle addition that could give your room a fresh look. The time for cheap blinds and shades is gone, mainly because they don’t last and the wear and tear is fast and evident.

hunter douglas window treatments

hunter douglas blinds

Hunter Douglas window treatments has a wide range of choices, from contemporary to the classics, all done and finished in excellent quality finishing. Shades and blinds utilize different materials and in an array of colors that ten years ago would not have been considered fashionable to use for window treatments.

I had the misfortune of buying cheap ones at one of those clearing sales in supermarkets. The blinds easily got deformed and looked very old before its time. It was supposed to be a bargain for me; a notion that is exactly the opposite as six months later it looked like it had been there for six years. The cleaning process itself made it easy to wear the shades down.

Buying quality window treatments is still the best deal. One gets top notch materials and make, good service, and generally low maintenance window treatments. I got Hunter Douglas blinds from Lori Jill Designs and to this day I am thankful for the wisdom of buying good quality window treatments.

The possibilities are impressive, based on what I have seen in their site, I didn’t think one can be creative with window treatments, from shutters, blinds, to shades, until I saw those beauties in their store. The materials range from the conventional to contemporary. One can go country, to youthful, and then there are the classics. Tasteful window treatments can lend elegance to a home.

Windows are not just functional parts of our dwelling, providing light, view and comfort, they can also be a focal point in the design of one’s interiors. And they are not as expensive as changing furniture nor as tiring as rearranging furniture and furnishings just to achieve a new look for the room.

Window treatments can also complement a nicely decorated room by providing adequate privacy, natural light when preferred, or a shade where you can rest your eyes by looking at it. The good thing about window treatments is that it can be customized to fit your window, in cases where it is not of standard size.

Maintenance is a breeze, and it does not require much effort. Lori Jill Designs also offer expert advice on what is best suited for your windows. They will respect your taste but they will also point out the advantages and disadvantages of the option they are suggesting. In this state where the sun can sometimes be generous, a nice view through a nice window is a luxury that’s well within the reach of most people if they have the right window treatment.

Before you go out looking for custom window treatments to buy, you should first understand what you need to be looking for in one. There are a few very important features that window treatments have to offer and may help you narrow down your decision when choosing window treatments for your house.

First thing to look out for is how the window controls light. Blinding light can be a nuisance when it enters your room which can harm your carpet and furniture by bleaching it and even creating TV glare. Luckily, there are a handful of window treatments that are designed to help block out this kind of light. You can choose treatments that filter out light and let some of it in for natural lighting or go for complete blackout window treatments that don’t let any light in. If you want, you can go for something that can be operated to give a certain angle and let the right amount in. The recommended treatments are blackout shades, light-filtering shades, wood blinds, and custom window shades.

custom window shutters

custom window treatments

The next thing to look out for is the ability of the window treatment in insulating the room. In addition to that, insulating window treatments can help you reduce your energy bill. This is because you won’t have to adjust the house’s thermostat that often because the heat can be kept inside the room. It has been found that a lot of energy can escape through the windows and having insulating curtains can counter this problem. The best type of treatments for this matter would be honeycomb shades, drapes, exterior shades, and shutters.

Now maybe you are looking for window treatments that fit your budget. You may want to get something that is customized to your taste which can be quite pricey. But don’t fret, there are a number of stylish choices you can go for which don’t put a burden on your wallet. If you are looking for window treatments for cheap, try checking out custom window blinds, aluminum blinds, pleated shades, and honeycomb shades.

When you have the budget for the window treatments covered, you are going to want to look for window treatments that can look great against your windows and fit well. Buying window treatments that fit your windows is an obvious consideration. Regular, rectangular windows can go with just any kind of window treatment. There is a wide range of choices. You may want to check out these window treatments: Arch window treatments, high window treatments, and small window treatments.

That seems to be all of the matters that we can cover about choosing a window treatment. If you think that you still have more to learn about window treatments, you may want to do some further research online. You can only visit the local home treatments store in your area to get a proper idea of getting window treatments. Always remember to consider your needs when choosing window treatments as these will not only show design and style, but act as a functional asset as well.

I have always wondered why boys liked long, beautiful hair on girls. Until I read an article on the subconscious, and how people perceive other people and why they are attracted to them. According to the study, beautiful hair reflects good health. To be caveman-blunt about it, a woman with healthy shiny hair is sexually appealing, just as women with wide or child-bearing hips are perceived to be the same because of the prospect of motherhood in the future.

To a certain extent, the concept is correct, not about the sexually appealing part but the part where glossy hair is an indication of good health. Most people who eat healthy and maintain healthy lifestyles usually have great skin, shiny hair, and basically look healthy.

Hair Color Salon

Hair Salon Highlands Ranch

I maintain a healthy lifestyle; I eat healthy, I do yoga, drink the occasional wine, and run when the weather permits. But I have great hair because I let the experts at Isabella’s Salon at Highlands Ranch work their magic to turn me into my idea of a gorgeous brunette. If I left my hair to its natural state, it would just be a mousy mess and would be a waste of perfectly healthy hair.

The state of my hair is a reflection of my personality. I like to use organic products, but I am a firm believer in going for expert help if I am to maintain a hairstyle that would best fit my lifestyle. As a design consultant, I cannot help but extend ideas of my creativity to the way I look.

I try to graduate hairstyles at least twice a year. Last year I sported highlights in my dark hair but I had it layered to a chic shoulder length style. The seemingly effortless beauty of my hairstyle is well taken care of at Isabella’s where I go for monthly hair treatments in Highlands Ranch and hair color treatments once or twice a year. I like the way they serve their customers. They are accommodating without being fussy or intrusive. Friendly service is a plus, and certainly contributes to getting me that fun me time.

I am thinking of something totally different for the holidays, and was thinking of cutting my hair short. I have worn it long for as long as I can remember. My mother is Spanish and she is set in her idea that women should always have beautiful long hair. I was thinking of breaking from the usual, because I personally think short hair can be very stylish, especially when I have a holiday in Morocco planned with my girlfriends. I am thinking of all the earrings and accessories that I can experiment with to complement a short do.

I am excited and at the same time a bit apprehensive about letting go of my long hair. I also want an edgy but still fashionable look through hair color treatment. It certainly would save me time in the shower and styling it in the morning. I have not gone blonde yet. Maybe now is the time.


If you are looking to get some bling on your wrist but have no cash in hand to buy one, don’t fret! With some materials from a hardware store and the right tools, you will be able to create a very classy bracelet. You will be wearing something that looks pretty upscale without having to worry about expense. Just class and easy work.

First, you will have to gather the needed materials to make your own hardware store bracelet. Go to your local hardware store and pick up the following materials. A spool of 20ga copper wire and another spool of 18ga copper wire, and finally a spool of 20ga brass wire. If you are having a hard time trying to find these materials, try looking at the section that features doorbells and supplies for hanging pictures.

Hardware Store Online

Hardware Store

Once you have the needed materials, you will need to gather the right tools. You may find most of these around your house but you may also need to purchase some of these from the hardware store as well. You can buy some of those tools online, too. First you will use an anvil or a bench block (if you don’t have any, a good smooth chunk of metal will do provided it’s big enough), a regular hammer, wire cutters, pliers that have a nylon tip (you can use regular pliers that are layered in tape, round nose pliers, two pin vises, a ruler, some floral tape, a metal file, cloth for polishing, and a quick-grip clamp.

Now for the steps in making the bracelet:

  • Cut 24” from the 18ga copper wire. Clean and straighten then cut into four pieces of 5”. 4” will be left. Flatten the 5” wires using the hammer and anvil and keep straight. They will become slightly longer. Straighten using nylon pliers. Polish and smooth one end using a file. Now do the same flattening process on the 4” but not as flat as the others.
  • Cut 18” from both copper and brass 20ga wires. Clean and straighten. Twist both together using pin vises.
  • Cut 4” wires from both copper and brass wires and tape the bottom ends using floral tape and keep them straight.
  • Set the wires on the clamp keeping it just by the taped area. Now time to bend the wires. Bend alternating pairs in different directions. One goes forward while the other goes back.
  • Now bend the right set towards the left and make sure they are aligned. Bend the sets that were left towards the other side.
  • Move the set that was bent in a way that they become parallel with the other set.
  • Now remove the wires from the clamp and set them just above the edge. Tighten the clamp.
  • Repeat the steps until all of the wires become woven into a weave. Once weaving cannot anymore be done, remove the whole thing and try to clean out lumps using light hammer strokes.
  • Trim the whole thing to exactly 6” and clean the whole bracelet. If it feels rough, use a file to remove any sharp points and clean it out.