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Moving across town can be a chore. Going from the city to the suburbs has it’s own set of challenges. However, moving across the state, country or the world has unique complexities. You need to be prepared, and plan for the unexpected. If you have never moved a long distance, you will need to know what to expect. There is a lot of excitement surrounding this big change in your life, but do not let the excitement drown out the massive task at hand. Once you have decided on which movers to use, it is time to get to the tasks at hand.

Here are a few points to consider:

  1. Take the time to purge any excess. Let’s face it. We all have way to much stuff. Over time things just add up. There are drawers full of food containers, utensils you are not sure what they do, and a closet with clothes that have not fit for five years. It is to get rid of some things. While you may have a sentimental reason for having on to that hoodie that is now too snug, it’s time to overcome the odd attachment. It’s time to get rid of the needless excess. You have a few options to consider. Recycle, throw stuff away, make a donation and having a yard sale are all options to consider.
  2. Make a plan and stick to it. You need to go through your home and inventory everything. Making this type of long distance move can be overwhelming enough, and you need to be organized to avoid additional stress. Make a list of all the contents from each room, and box up your home by room. This will avoid any confusion in the short term, and make unpacking much easier. This is a huge, yet important task. When you go to this level of detail, moving day will become much easier. When your moving help arrives, they will appreciate the organization, and it will help them to work much faster and efficiently.
  3. Hire a professional moving service. This will help you immensely. Although this was alluded in the preceding paragraphs, this point is a massive one. Moving across town is very different from a long distance move. The complexities of long distance can stress you to a new level, and the expense incurred can be massive. Although it may seem counterintuitive, hiring professionals for a long distance move may save you money in the long run. Delays, issues with a rented moving truck, packing missteps and more can cause moving expense to quickly add up. Do not get caught in the trap of trying to save a few bucks in the short term, and losing money in the long term. Hire professionals.
  4. Take a deep breath, and remain calm. You have followed the advice in this blog, and have professionals helping you with your move. You are on the way to a smooth transition to your new home. It is time to congratulate yourself, and make a good life at your new destination.

Life can be an interesting journey. We may choices everyday on how we will live it out. There are so many pieces that make up a your life. Each one has their place, and can have a huge impact on your future. Relationships, career, your home and many more things like this make up this thing you call life. While this can be a very complex thing to consider, each have their own distinct impact on your life.

In this post we will consider one aspect, and how it can impact your life. Where you choose to live is very impactful. The neighborhood, style of home in and out, amenities and much more determine so many things about how you live. Your home has can take on many characteristics, and we will consider a few of those. There are many of these characteristics that can be a harmonious part of the design, and it can be reflected in our choice for our residential interior decorator.

Here’s a few points to ponder:

  1. Your neighborhood is very impactful on your home’s usefulness. Walkability, schools and much more comprise this concept we know as neighborhood. All of these are important, and are a part of how our home laid out as well. When you consider a redesign, the neighborhood can dictate many pieces of this. Do you need a place to store you bicycles to be quickly accessible? Are you part of a community garden? How might that impact your pantry layout, and how you use your kitchen? The sky is the limit for options, and each one should be considered.
  2. What is the architecture of your current home? Whether victorian or a mid century modern design, the styling of your home will have an impact on how you do a redesign. This can allow you to ponder how to incorporate pieces from the time period it was constructed. Having a conversation about this with your residential decorator could prove to be very helpful. It might be a very nice thing to fully adopt the ethos of the original architecture, and incorporate this into your life.
  3. Have you considered adopting part of your neighborhood or city history into your design? This can be a bold, yet welcome part of rethinking your home. Bringing a piece of nostalgia into your home is an exciting prospect for many. As you walk through the place you have made into your home, it can be a refreshing thing to bring a part of it’s history to life in your home. When you consult with Andrea Schumacher Interiors, it may well be worth the time to have a conversation about this subject. As about pieces that may make sense, and ask about where you might get them. This could be another exciting piece of your design journey. Discovering where to find the pieces you would like to incorporate could start a fun adventure.

Best of luck on your journey of self discovery, and building the home of your dreams. The result will be worth it.