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  1. There are now far more companies that produce coverings and blinds than there were in past years. If you look at the number of companies that produced window coverings nationally today, and you compare that to how many there were about 30 years ago, you will certainly notice that now there are many more window coverings manufacturers than in the past. There are two big reasons why the number of window covering makers has gone up so sharply over the past decades. To begin with, window coverings were once made and sold primarily in the USA. There was a very small number of European window covering makers that supplied to the USA, but in general the window coverings that we used were made here and for us. Whenever you have a market place without any outside competition then the prices will always be higher as the national brands have no outside competitors to go up against. Local window covering market enjoyed the closed market until the early 80’s when many new trade agreements went into effect that lowered taxes on importation and opened the national marketplace up to competitors from all over the globe. The second main reason why there are more window covering makers today than in the past is simply because there is a far greater demand for window coverings. Supply follows demand, and in order to keep up with the public’s great need for new window treatments, many new factories and brands had to be launched. Window treatments are such a common part of the modern home that even with the hundreds of new factories that opened up across the country, and with the added flood of forging window covering makers, the main brands hardly felt a loss in sales. Today window covering companies continue to spring up over night to provide more window coverings for people across the globe.
  2. The second primary cause for the great fall in cost of window treatments was due to the launch of internet based window covering dealers. Since the late 90’s online sites such as have been able to offer tremendous savings on many styles and brands of window coverings. The online sites were able to move in and lower prices since they were able to compete with other companies that had dramatically higher costs of operation. Within just a few years the major window covering stores that were still left in the nation were faced with the choice to either lower process, or go under.
  3. New trends such as custom windows have put extra stress on the sales of more traditional window coverings which allows for yet even lower prices. In a market where the customers have so many different options of where they can buy their window coverings, and what kind of window coverings they can get, the competition has to be very stiff. Custom window makers are able to offer a very unique window treatment for a low price, and in response to this, the traditional window treatment makers have had to push their prices even lower.
  1. The safety of the EMT. EMTs can be placed in some pretty dangerous situations when it comes to the calls they get. EMTs can be at risk of catching a contagious disease, or of arriving at an unstable accident scene, and even being called in to police situations where criminals might be on the site. EMT refresher courses and paramedic refresher courses are most often aimed at how the emergency medical personnel can better serve the patient, but the safety of the worker should never be forgotten, and a good portion of each course should discuss safe measures for the emergency staff. In some of the courses that are offered by state and privately run refresher courses, the police will even come in and talk about what to do if an EMT arrives on the scene where someone has a gun, or where police are facing off against a criminal. Likewise, emergency service refresher courses also use simulations of accident scenes where an automobile has crashed, leaving a victim trapped inside. In other areas of the country where there are certain natural disasters that occur, the simulations take on a more specific dynamic. After the devastating earthquake that rocked Mexico City in 1986, the international committee for emergency response teams began to push for better training in situations following a natural disaster. During the aftermath of the earthquake in Mexico, and other places over time, many EMTs have been seriously injured or have lost their lives because they lacked the training they needed to navigate the dangerous situations correctly. Online sites like, offer a list of the activities that are part of their refreshment courses for EMTS and nurses. There are also many state run safety courses for EMTS in most states.
  2. Most popular NREMT refresher courses also try and devote a portion of the class to new ways that patients can be helped, without placing the hospital or emergency response service at risk of legal liability. It is truly shocking how many regulations are currently in place when it comes to what an emergency worker can do when they arrive on the scene where someone is hurt. If a EMT moves a person before they know for certain what is wrong with them, which is often something that takes time to establish, and the move results in further injury, the company can be held liable for medical bills and pain and suffering.  Due to the high level of liability that EMTs face, most refresher or training courses devote part of their class to the ways that one can sidestep petty regulations in order to help the victim faster, as well as how to use new methods for determining correctly what trauma or medical condition the victim has suffered.
  3. Lastly, all EMT refresher courses should have something to say about how to reduce the stress of the job. According to a 2012 study by the University of Tennessee, EMTs were amongst the most stressed out professionals in the nation. Stress can be dangerous to the health of an individual if not addressed, so the refresher courses should lend some time to stress relief ideas.