420 friendly rental

If you are going on a 420 vacation, then you need to be sure that you bring along the right things in order to have the best trip possible. A 420 vacation is a vacation that can be one of many things. It can either revolve completely around marijuana, even taking tours of dispensaries and attending 420 Happy Hours. It can also be a holiday that includes cannabis friendly rentals or homes for your stay. These types of vacations are becoming more and more popular as the legalization of marijuana has spread into many different states in the United States. 420 vacations

If you are interested in going on a 420 friendly vacation, then you will want to bring along some essential things for your stay. Listed here are the top ten things to bring to your 420 friendly rental property on your next vacation:

1. Your medical marijuana certificate if applicable. If you are living in a state where medical marijuana is legalized, then you will want to bring your medical marijuana certificate with you when you take a vacation in the same state. This will ensure that you will be safe and secure while purchasing cannabis in other parts of the state.

2. Your friends or significant other. You will also want to bring along your friends or significant other when planning a cannabis holiday. This will ensure that you will be able to relax and fully enjoy your time away from work and with your friends or partner.

3. Comfortable clothes. It is also important to pack comfortable clothing so that when you are laying around and relaxing, you can be as comfortable as possible.

4. Board games. You can also bring along board games in order to be sure to entertain yourselves while imbibing in cannabis. You may want to be bring a variety of things such as card games as well as board games.

5. Snacks. You will also want to bring along or purchase plenty of snacks for your cannabis holiday as you may find yourself with the ‘munchies’.

6. Ingredients to make edibles. You may also choose to bring along ingredients for making edibles if you are renting a cannabis friendly property with an oven and stove top!

7. Rolling papers. If you are staying somewhere that you can smoke marijuana, then you will want to bring along rolling papers as well.

8. A lighter. A lighter is always a handy tool to bring along on a cannabis friendly vacation.

9. Music. You will also want to stock up your itunes or your spotify playlists before leaving on your cannabis holiday.

10. A good attitude. Lastly, it is important to bring along a good attitude!

As you can see, these were ten of the many things that you can bring on a marijuana friendly holiday. If you are seeking a guide to taking a marijuana holiday or advice on where to stay, then check out the experts at Bud and Breakfast. They have a complete listing of marijuana friendly vacation rentals and are ready to help you plan your next cannabis holiday!