closed loop butane extractor

You have decided to take the leap and make your own butane hash oil using a closed loop butane extractor. Congratulations. With the rise in the popularity of these products, you are not alone. Now, you just have to be sure that you have all of the right equipment and know how to use it. Be aware that there is a hefty upfront cost. This is just an overview. You should read any and all instructions and ask the person you purchased it from for assistance.

In order for your butane extractor to work properly, you need the following parts: Closed-Loop Extractor, Recovery Tank, Recovery Pump, Refrigerant Pump, Refrigerant Scale, CFM Pump, and a Vacuum Oven. You will also need to get certified 99% butane, ground cannabis flower or trim, parchment paper and scraping tools.


Once you have all of your supplies, load the material column and assemble the top cap. Next, you need to tighten any and all bolts. Turn the vacuum on and drop the gas so that you can begin to soak the cannabis in the solvent. Therefore, you will need to pull butane from your recovery tank so that it goes into the material column.


The next step is to determine how much butane the column should be able to hold. This may require some math, but once you figure it out you need to then place the recovery tank on a scale in order to determine its weight.


Before going any further, be sure that each and every valve is closed.


You can now open the liquid valve on the recovery tank and one on the extractor. Be sure to pay attention to the weight on the scale and close the valve on the recovery tank once capacity is reached. Let the cannabis soak for a few minutes.


Once you have finished soaking the weed you need to drop the butane into the collection vessel. In order to evaporate the gas, the vessel has to be in water that is around 80*F. This will help with the recovery.


You now need to open the next valve. Do it slowly and then go on to valve number three. You should also turn on the recovery pump at this time so that it can pull the evaporating solvent from the collection vessel and get it back into the recovery tank. It is important to make sure the tank is kept cold through the entire recovery process.


In order to get a higher yield, you will need to repeat the process. However, you should run the solvent through without soaking before doing it again and then once you have completed the second run.


As a reminder, accidents with a BHO extractor can not only be expensive, but they can be lethal. Therefore, you should keep extra gaskets around because they are known to wear out quickly. When they do, you can have leaks. You should also have equipment available that can measure the butane in the air around you in order to avoid build-up.