commercial composting systems

The issue on climate change has spawned a lot of initiatives on how to preserve and rehabilitate the environment, but the discussions are for the most part confined to the policy aspect of it. I am no tree hugger but I love this Earth just as much and have started my own advocacy by applying where I have some degree of influence.

Last year was a milestone for me, when I opened my own health-food business, delivering pre-ordered healthy lunches and cold pressed fruit juice drinks in the commercial area. Thanks to a network that started in yoga class, I was able to set up a business model that is so environment-friendly that even deliveries are conducted using a bike!

One of the challenges for me however was the waste management process of the business. There is a waste disposal system of course, but I just thought that there must be a better option than that. Most of the food waste from my business is comprised of fruit and vegetable peels. It would be shame to just throw them away when these can still be put to good use.

Commercial Composting

Food Waste Compost Systems

I searched for alternative solutions and found Sustainable Generation which specializes in scalable solutions in clean-tech commercial composting systems. My operation is very small to have its own composting system, but the company referred us to one of their clients who can certainly use the food waste that we generate every day.

It’s an interesting concept and certainly worth investing if one’s business is generating a significant amount of waste that can still be processed into a new product or converted into renewable energy. Sustainable Generation offers a wide range of products and services, which amazingly can be scaled to fit the requirements of the client.

They are an authority in composting systems, whether it’s for the commercial or private sector. They offer expert advice on food waste compost systems, biosolids composting, and commercial composting systems. It’s a good business because they can influence clients to be truly concerned on the environment by doing their part.

My clientele has grown from 2 offices to 9 offices where I serve healthy lunches on a regular basis. I am looking at expanding within the next two years when I can be more confident in the stability of my business. I am already looking for a place that would be strategically located so I can serve my clients better. Expansion also means that a food composting system might be a good idea. This would be my version of coffee grinds packed as fertilizer give-aways to patrons.

I am thinking of partnering with my supplier for organic fruits and vegetables. I am excited and looking forward to the possibilities of this undertaking. One can be profitable by doing things right. Ten years ago I would not have thought about social entrepreneurship as a career direction, but here I am with my own start up, with my small contribution into making this world a better place.