custom fire apparatus’s say you work for a fire department and the time has come to upgrade your fire trucks and other equipment. As a firefighter you understand the integral role that this equipment plays in your ability to do your job. Without a functioning fire truck that can be relied upon it simply wouldn’t be possible for you to help all of the people that you help. Without your suit, your ladder, your ax, your helmet and all of your other various equipment you would only be as good at fighting a fire as a random stranger on the street.

Since your fire truck plays such an important role in your department’s ability to do its work, it only makes sense that you would want to find the best maker of custom fire apparatus that you possibly can. The better the company is at making fire trucks and other emergency vehicles the more those vehicles can be relied upon. You’re only as good as your fire truck and other equipment, so it makes sense that you would want to find the best fire truck possible. However, there are still many companies out there that are producing fire trucks. How do you know which company is the one you should hire? To help you make this difficult decision, here are five qualities to look for in fire truck manufacturers.

1. Experience. First, you’ll only want to consider fire truck manufacturers with vasts amount of experience. The more years they have been working in the industry the more they will have learned about how to produce the highest quality fire truck apparatus you can find. Their experience will also enable them to hear about your particular needs and match those needs with a corresponding fire truck.

2. Dedication to quality. Second, you’ll want to find a manufacturer that only produces the highest quality fire trucks. As was outlined above these trucks play an integral role in a firefighters ability to do their work. Without a truck that they can rely on they won’t be able to help people to the best of their ability.

3. Variety. Third, the company you hire should understand that different fire departments will need different types of vehicles. They should offer a wide variety of fire trucks so that you’re able to choose one that will work for you.

4. Customer service. The process of having a fire truck custom made for your fire department can be a long one. Thus, you’ll need a company that is going to communicate clearly with you throughout the entire process.

5. Honest/Transparent. Lastly, they should be open and transparent about the costs and time frame for producing your vehicle. You should know how much it is going to cost you, how long it is going to take to manufacture and when you can expect it to show up at your fire station.

BME Fire offers everything outlined above and much more. They’ve been in operation for more than 25 years, and work tirelessly to provide each of their clients with only the highest quality fire trucks and emergency vehicles.