custom gun holsters

Whether you are in the market to purchase a new custom gun holster or you are ready to replace an older gun holster, the options are endless when it comes to choosing a top of the line custom gun holster. The best places to find a gun holster that can be matched to the style of your concealed carry needs as well as the type of build you have is that of a gun holster retailer that specializes in custom made gun holsters. Now a days, custom made is the way to go with just about anything. This is because a custom made item is specifically designed to meet the demands and needs of a person or place. Customizing a gun holster not only provides superior comfort to the person carrying the legal firearm, but it also protects the firearm itself from becoming dislodged and discharging accidentally. This type of accident is very serious and can sometimes end up with deadly results as well as legal implications. A top of the line firearm is no longer a top of the line gun when it is carried in a gun holster that lacks integrity and security.Custom Kydex Holsters

The professional team of gun holster experts at On Your 6 Designs are committed to delivering quality gun holsters that are uniquely designed and customized to meet the exact needs of the individual carrying the concealed weapon. There is no such thing as a one size fits all gun holster, just like their is no such thing as a one size fits all ring. Everyone has a different type of body style and build and they all move and walk in different ways. Furthermore, certain individuals who carry firearms are usually involved in different motives of activity and movement and therefore the holstering of a firearm must be precisely and appropriately placed as it relates to their activity. Custom gun holsters from On Your 6 Designs are always designed with the best materials available today. The best gun holster material that can be found on the market today is that of kydex. The kydex material is from the thermoplastic family and delivers superior benefits to the design of a custom gun holster. While some people prefer the use of leather holsters, they end up having to clean the holster often as well as eventually replace it once the material stretches out and no longer provides effective protection.

Kydex gun holsters are thin and lightweight but are also very solid and do not succumb to damaging elements like water, dirt and even sweat. Kydex is made up of material that does not change over time and never requires the type of maintenance that leather gun holsters require. In addition to its lifetime durability is the fact that the material of kydex can be expertly crafted and shaped in such a way to allow the user a comfortable holstering experience. Kydex gun holsters are certainly the top of the line when it comes to custom gun holsters and there simply is not substitute out there.