custom packaging

When producers are trying to get their product out there on the market place, it can become rather easy to focus in so deeply into the product itself and making sure that everything is not only working properly but also that that it isn’t going to fall apart and that generally people are going to like it. There are so many different bits and pieces that go into making sure that the launch or the continuation of a product on the market goes well that it can be difficult to focus on everything at once. One of the pieces that goes along with selling a product that might not be the first thing that many people think about is all of the different kinds of custom packaging options that are out there for your product. While it is obviously incredibly important that the product that you have designed and constructed is of the top most quality and best design possible, it is also important that potential customers can see your product and that they are going to be attracted to your product when they walk by it in the store. These are all of the pieces and places where it comes in particularly useful to have a custom packaging design from Dunwiddie Custom Packaging that is going to stand out. custom packagingThe most important thing to understand about packaging is that there is far from a one-size fits all option. The kind of packaging that is going to be best suited for your product is going to be highly dependent on what it is exactly that you are selling, what your target market is and how flashy you want the custom packaging to be. All of these considerations can go into your plan for your custom packaging. There are a few other important distinctions in custom packaging from Dunwiddie Custom Packaging that you can also take into consideration when trying to come up with what kind of custom packaging option is going to be the best fit for your product. Full Seal Design- Depending on where your product is sold, you might want to be quite careful with a full seal design. This means that your custom packaging from Dunwiddie Custom Packaging has a trapped blister design all around the outside of the custom packaging so that the plastic can’t be torn. This can hopefully reduce in store theft. Environmental Concern- Do you want your custom packaging to be made from recycled materials? With Dunwiddie Custom Packaging, instead of using a lot of plastics, they can opt for using a special kind of paperboard that can contain up to 30% recycled materials and reduce the amount of plastics used on every piece of custom packaging by up to 80%. Easy to use-The Natralock custom packaging from Dunwiddie Custom Packaging seals between 40%-60% faster than normal clamshell packaging so you can get things done as quickly as possible and hopefully heighten the productivity levels of your shop and get more done.