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I have always wondered why boys liked long, beautiful hair on girls. Until I read an article on the subconscious, and how people perceive other people and why they are attracted to them. According to the study, beautiful hair reflects good health. To be caveman-blunt about it, a woman with healthy shiny hair is sexually appealing, just as women with wide or child-bearing hips are perceived to be the same because of the prospect of motherhood in the future.

To a certain extent, the concept is correct, not about the sexually appealing part but the part where glossy hair is an indication of good health. Most people who eat healthy and maintain healthy lifestyles usually have great skin, shiny hair, and basically look healthy.

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I maintain a healthy lifestyle; I eat healthy, I do yoga, drink the occasional wine, and run when the weather permits. But I have great hair because I let the experts at Isabella’s Salon at Highlands Ranch work their magic to turn me into my idea of a gorgeous brunette. If I left my hair to its natural state, it would just be a mousy mess and would be a waste of perfectly healthy hair.

The state of my hair is a reflection of my personality. I like to use organic products, but I am a firm believer in going for expert help if I am to maintain a hairstyle that would best fit my lifestyle. As a design consultant, I cannot help but extend ideas of my creativity to the way I look.

I try to graduate hairstyles at least twice a year. Last year I sported highlights in my dark hair but I had it layered to a chic shoulder length style. The seemingly effortless beauty of my hairstyle is well taken care of at Isabella’s where I go for monthly hair treatments in Highlands Ranch and hair color treatments once or twice a year. I like the way they serve their customers. They are accommodating without being fussy or intrusive. Friendly service is a plus, and certainly contributes to getting me that fun me time.

I am thinking of something totally different for the holidays, and was thinking of cutting my hair short. I have worn it long for as long as I can remember. My mother is Spanish and she is set in her idea that women should always have beautiful long hair. I was thinking of breaking from the usual, because I personally think short hair can be very stylish, especially when I have a holiday in Morocco planned with my girlfriends. I am thinking of all the earrings and accessories that I can experiment with to complement a short do.

I am excited and at the same time a bit apprehensive about letting go of my long hair. I also want an edgy but still fashionable look through hair color treatment. It certainly would save me time in the shower and styling it in the morning. I have not gone blonde yet. Maybe now is the time.