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If you are looking to get some bling on your wrist but have no cash in hand to buy one, don’t fret! With some materials from a hardware store and the right tools, you will be able to create a very classy bracelet. You will be wearing something that looks pretty upscale without having to worry about expense. Just class and easy work.

First, you will have to gather the needed materials to make your own hardware store bracelet. Go to your local hardware store and pick up the following materials. A spool of 20ga copper wire and another spool of 18ga copper wire, and finally a spool of 20ga brass wire. If you are having a hard time trying to find these materials, try looking at the section that features doorbells and supplies for hanging pictures.

Hardware Store Online

Hardware Store

Once you have the needed materials, you will need to gather the right tools. You may find most of these around your house but you may also need to purchase some of these from the hardware store as well. You can buy some of those tools online, too. First you will use an anvil or a bench block (if you don’t have any, a good smooth chunk of metal will do provided it’s big enough), a regular hammer, wire cutters, pliers that have a nylon tip (you can use regular pliers that are layered in tape, round nose pliers, two pin vises, a ruler, some floral tape, a metal file, cloth for polishing, and a quick-grip clamp.

Now for the steps in making the bracelet:

  • Cut 24” from the 18ga copper wire. Clean and straighten then cut into four pieces of 5”. 4” will be left. Flatten the 5” wires using the hammer and anvil and keep straight. They will become slightly longer. Straighten using nylon pliers. Polish and smooth one end using a file. Now do the same flattening process on the 4” but not as flat as the others.
  • Cut 18” from both copper and brass 20ga wires. Clean and straighten. Twist both together using pin vises.
  • Cut 4” wires from both copper and brass wires and tape the bottom ends using floral tape and keep them straight.
  • Set the wires on the clamp keeping it just by the taped area. Now time to bend the wires. Bend alternating pairs in different directions. One goes forward while the other goes back.
  • Now bend the right set towards the left and make sure they are aligned. Bend the sets that were left towards the other side.
  • Move the set that was bent in a way that they become parallel with the other set.
  • Now remove the wires from the clamp and set them just above the edge. Tighten the clamp.
  • Repeat the steps until all of the wires become woven into a weave. Once weaving cannot anymore be done, remove the whole thing and try to clean out lumps using light hammer strokes.
  • Trim the whole thing to exactly 6” and clean the whole bracelet. If it feels rough, use a file to remove any sharp points and clean it out.