Hunter Douglas blinds

  1. Blinds may be the most common window covering in the United States today, but in the early 20’s the first blinds to hit the market became game changer. Many folks are unaware that Hunter Douglas first became popular in part thanks to their first line of Hunter Douglas blinds. You see, when blinds hit the market people around the globe went absolutely crazy for them. Blinds were a whole new way of looking at window coverings, which allowed for complete comfort and shade when closed, a nice balance of sunlight and privacy when partly opened, and an almost totally invisible window covering when open. At first blinds were marketed only to the upper classes, but after a number of hospitals in New York started using them in their public facilities, people all over the city and the nation began to clamor for blinds. Today, at online sites such as, a whole world of different blinds, in every style and color imaginable can be found. Hunter Douglas is still the king of blinds, but today there are over a thousand different window covering companies that make and sell blinds all over the world. In the 70’s the majority of blinds switched over to plastic, and that is something that makes them, to this very day, one of the most price friendly window coverings on the market. For most people the idea of window coverings will always begin with classic blinds.
  2. Another window treatment that has done a great deal for changing how window coverings are made is the metal shutter. Shutters are one of the oldest known window coverings in the world, but it was not until the late 50’s that window covering makers began to release window shutters that were constructed from heavy duty materials like metal. The original idea might have been to create a sensation in the world of shutter design; however the focus of the metal shutters quickly shifted to more practical purposes. People saw in the new metal shutter window treatments a way to keep their homes safer, not just from thieves, but also from hurricanes and tornadoes. In fact, by the late 60’s the number on way of protecting a home from hurricanes on the east coast of the country was with metal shutters. The ability to have such a strong way of protecting a window, yet not creating a institutional feeling is what has kept the metal shutter in production all these years. As long as people need ways to make their homes safer for whatever reason, the metal shutter will continue to service the nation and the globe.
  3. The latest window treatment to bring about commotion in the world of window coverings is the recyclable window covering. As the world moves toward a more green friendly way of life, the ability to reuse anything and everything has not only become important to everyday people, it has also become a great way to sell more products. Window covering makers have been reusing old wood, plastic and aluminum to create new window coverings for the last decade or so, and they have sold millions of recycled window coverings during that time.