loose diamonds

You’ve been dating long enough to know that you want to spend the rest of your life with your significant other.  You know the best and the worst about her.  You have met her family and her friends and were stealth about finding out her ring size.  You went to your favorite jewelry store and picked out an engagement ring setting you think will be perfect.  Now, you only need to pick out the perfect loose diamonds as a centerpiece to finish it off.  Then, you will get down on one knee and propose.   Picking out loose diamonds may seem difficult, however, it is easier than picking out the most romantic place and then summing up the courage to ask the one you love if they share your feelings and want to be with you forever.  You just need a bit of an education on carats, color, cut, and clarity before you head back to the jeweler to complete the most important purchase of your life. First and foremost, you need to determine what budget you have to work with.  After selecting the setting, how much money do you have left over from the, at least, two months’ salary you saved up for this special purchase to buy loose diamonds to place in it?  This will help you determine how many carats the diamonds will be.  That is because the number of carats a diamond has usually helps to determine its price.  The more carats, the more money the loose diamonds will cost.   After you have selected the right sized loose diamonds for the setting, you need to ensure that it is the right shape and that the cut of the loose diamonds allow them to truly sparkle when they are hit by the light.  The more brilliance or reflected light that loose diamonds give off, the better the cut.  Therefore, you may be able to purchase lower carat loose diamonds with a better cut and therefore, save some money.   After carats and cuts, the next important factor is the color of the loose diamonds that you choose.  There are a number of colors to choose from and you have to decide which go best with the setting you picked out and which color she will like the most.  While colorless, or white is the most popular, you can get diamonds in just about every color imaginable.   Finally, when selecting loose diamonds for an engagement ring, there is clarity.  This is last on the list because the setting and the naked eye tend to hide minor imperfections that are found in most diamonds.  So, unless your soon to be fiancée is a gemologist, you do not have to worry too much about the clarity of the ring.  However, be sure not to purchase loose diamonds that appear to be cloudy or do not sparkle as brightly as you would like.   Regardless of which loose diamonds you select to go along with the setting, she is sure to love it and will look down on it with joy for many years to come.