Lymphedema care

Anyone who suffers from or knows someone who suffers from a chronic illness knows that that there many different treatments options out there that claim to help treat a particular ailment. Some people have tried many different options, from very particular diets, to vital supplements, and changes in exercise patterns. For some people these things may help, and for others they may be disappointed with a lack of treatment results. With so many things out there that claim to help it can be difficult to determine what actually works.

acupuncture clinicOne of the most tried and true treatment options for a great variety of different conditions is acupuncture. Acupuncture is a centuries old medical treatment where small, thin needles are poked in to the skin and left on certain points of the body. It is said that stimulating different combinations of body points can help to treat a number of different conditions, including depression, anxiety, stress, insomnia, and irregular periods. Acupuncture has even been proven to help with Fibromyalgia treatment, treatment for fertility issues, and Lymphedema care.

People who have tried acupuncture will swear by it. There are so many success stories out there of people who have sought out a variety of different treatments for their condition, but nothing seemed to help, and then tried acupuncture and saw amazing results. If you haven’t yet, now is the time to try acupuncture.

If you are suffering from a condition that you think might be able to benefit from acupuncture, the first step is to find a good acupuncture clinic. There are many different types of acupuncture clinics out there, and some focus on other things that include overall health and wellness. The Avicenna Acupunture Clinic in Denver, Colorado their purpose and goal is to help as many people as possible to promote the best health in the Denver community. They provide treatments based on traditional Chinese medicine. Consultations include acupuncture treatments, lymphedema care, fibromyalgia treatment, prescription of herbal medicine, nutritional counseling and Tui Na (joint release technique) if indicated.

When you choose Avicenna Acupuncture for your fibromyalgia treatment, or treatment for any other ailment, you will be amazed at the results. Avicenna Acupuncture Clinic has helped many patients over the years who have suffered from a variety of different conditions. Especially if you are in need of Lymphedema care, Avicenna Acupuncture Clinic is the place to go. According to their website “Petra E. Schalk L.Ac, OTR/L, CLT has specialized as an Occupational Therapist in Lymphedema Care. She has been an Occupational Therapist for more than 15 years working in acute care, rehab and outpatient clinics. At Avicenna Lymphedema Clinic, she provides comprehensive Lymphedema care. This includes treatments of acute and chronic Lymphedema, garment fitting and maintenance care. Petra is a certified Lymphedema therapist. She is the only therapist in the greater Denver area who treats children with primary Lymphedema.”

For more information about Avicenna Acupuncture Clinic and to read more about their services, visit their website or give them a call today.