roofer marketing

When we look at roofer marketing today, it becomes very clear that the marketing industry has changed a great deal over the years. TV ads, one the cornerstone of roofer marketing have become outdated as the age of internet marketing continues to dominate the advertising world. New sites, such as now enable roofing companies to compete on the web with all different sized companies in their areas. The new roofer marketing firms have made aspects of roofer marketing like roofer website design, a very easy step to take when getting involved in the web advertising field. Social media is now widely considered to be the most important form of advertising available, and one which is nearly exclusively done on the web. As big of a role that online marketing now plays in the world of advertising, there are still other areas of marketing outside of the internet which can bring a lot of new customers into a roofing company. Here we take a brief look at some of the different ways that roofers can gain ad power outside of the web.

One of the most often overlooked areas of marketing that has huge potential for roofers can be found in radio ads. The radio remains a large part of many American’s lives to this day. The vast majority of people in this country still listen to the radio for several hours a day as they travel back and forth from work or while at the office in some cases. The main thing which makes the radio such a great means of advertising for roofers is that it is very cost friendly. In small towns, roofers can place radio ads for less money than it would cost to run paper ads in local magazines. Roofing marketing may also take the form of paid programs in which the roofing company sends a representative to answer radio listeners calls, and give advice concerning their roofing issue. This of course, is done while plugging the roofing company the whole time. The radio might provide the only lasting means of reaching huge amounts of people over a long period of time.

Another area of marketing that roofing companies have almost abandoned completely is the magazine ads. Magazine ads tend to be more expensive than radio, yet much less costly than TV ads. There are still a lot of magazines circulating which have a reader base of more than a million people, and it is estimated that for every magazine purchased, there are about 7 people who will see the contents of that magazine. Even if placing ads in a magazine is more costly than other forms of adverting, the final reward may be worth the cost. The important thing when using magazines to advertise is to find a magazine that will reach potential roofing customers. Magazines that have home improvement related content are a good choice for roofing companies looking to find a good format for their ads. With magazine ads, the company can always run a small advertising campaign to see if they work, and discontinue the ads if the results are not what they had expected.