Salon SEO

http://www.salonmarketinggurus.comFor your salon’s marketing strategy to work you have to give it time to play out. One of the biggest mistakes that salons make is to try a new marketing approach and not give it enough time to see if it’s truly working or not. All good things take time, as they say, and it’s the same for marketing. If you start a new strategy and it’s not working after a few weeks, don’t give up. You need a larger sample size to truly know if something’s working or not. If, however, after a couple of months you still don’t seem to be getting any results it’s probably time to start rethinking your approach.

Another mistake that many salons make when marketing their business is not understanding which strategies take a long time and which ones should start working right away. For example, if your business embarks on a prolonged salon SEO campaign, you have to realize that it’s going to take some time to work properly. Once you start making changes to rise up the search engines it’s going to take those very search engines some time to start noticing you. Once they do they’ll move you higher up in their results where more people will start to click on your salon’s website. The more people begin to click on your link the higher yet you will continue to rise. However, it can take several months for this to play out, so you need to give it some time to truly know if your SEO tactics are working.

The same thing can be said of social media branding and salon website design. There’s simply no way to know how these parts of your marketing strategy are working unless you give them some time. Your salon isn’t going to simply create a Facebook or Twitter page and then immediately turn those things into cold hard cash. It takes hard work, persistence and, most importantly, time.

However, if your salon needs to increase business in a hurry, you should slow your social media, web design and SEO strategies and instead focus your energy on pay-per-click advertising. In case you aren’t familiar with the term, pay-per-click advertising refers to all of the ads you see on various websites across the Internet. Companies have placed those advertisements with the hope of potential customers clicking on them. Rather than SEO or social media branding that can take a long time to boost your salon’s visibility, pay-per-click advertising gives you an immediate boost. As an added bonus you only have to pay for them once someone actually clicks on them. If no one clicks you don’t pay a penny, even though people are still seeing your salon’s name and getting more acquainted with your brand.

If you’re ready to boost your visibility and bottom line in a hurry for a small initial investment, reach out to Salon Marketing Gurus. They can help you get your pay-per-click advertising campaign up and running in no time at all.