sciatica surgery

sciatica treatmentGoing through any kind of surgery is tough on your body and tough on your mind. Many people experience depression and other issues while they are recovering, and this is true for those who have gone through sciatica surgery, as well. Sciatica surgery takes some time to recover from, so it can be vital to know how to tackle that recovery process. If you have a surgery coming up and want to be ready for the days or weeks it will take to get back on your feet again, we have some suggestions.

  • Ice Packs: This is a very important item to have in your home as you recuperate from surgery. Ice packs can help alleviate pain, so most doctors will recommend you have some on hand every day.
  • Mini Fridge: Having a mini fridge close to your bed will help your recover go quicker. When recovering from sciatica surgery, you do not want to have to move a lot. If you have stairs that you have to climb up and down, it is important that you do not use them, since this can damage your back. The less you move, the better.
  • Extra Pillows: Depending on the kind of surgery you have, you may need to have more support for your back. Having extra pillows around can help you get more comfortable as you recover. Ask your doctor if this is something that can help your recovery.
  • Shower Brush: You will not be able to move regularly for a while as your recover. This means limited reach and mobility. To shower, you will probably need a long shower brush that can help you bathe without stressing the area in which you had surgery. Also, consider purchasing a shower mat to avoid any risk of slipping.
  • Online Support: Take the time to reach out online to people who may be going through a similar recovery process. This may seem silly, but it can offer support and guidance. This can help you avoid some of the post-surgery depression that some people experience and it can be especially important for people who live on their own. There are many forums you can sign into and chat with people who are going or have gone through a similar surgery.
  • Cane: As you begin to walk again, you may need some support. This means either having to use a cane or a walker. Speak to your doctor about which one is best for your needs and how long you will need to use it.

Sciatica surgery and its recovery can be much easier to face when you know what to expect. Take the time to speak with your doctor about what the surgery will be like and what you will need to have on hand throughout the recovery process. A team like the one at Boulder Neurosurgical & Spine Associates can help with every aspect of sciatica treatment. Make your recovery easier with expert help throughout the entire process, from the surgery to the recovery.