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http://www.soldyesterday.comEveryone in America is familiar with the story even if they don’t know exactly what happened. At the end of 2007, the American economy and the world economy nearly collapsed entirely. Overnight retirement investments were lost, homes were foreclosed on, people lost jobs, 401(k)’s went bankrupt and multiple large banks and investment firms lost their liquidity. This lasted all the way through the middle of 2009, and many of the effects of the so-called “Great Recession” can still be felt today. Tougher regulations were put in place, although tougher ones are surely in order. At the end of the day the companies responsible walked free as the American taxpayers bailed them out. And what did many of these companies do? Give themselves large bonuses of course. Social commentary aside, the collapse of the American economy came because the housing bubble burst. The American housing market, long considered the sturdiest market in the world, collapsed almost overnight. Due to rising interest costs and homes that they couldn’t afford, many people were simply unable to pay their mortgages and their homes were foreclosed on. All of the people who had money invested in the housing market then lost that money. Since the market tends to be tied together, a huge collapse in one sector leads to issues all over. Thus, the global financial crisis of the times can be directly linked to the housing industry. Fortunately, the world economy and America’s have rebounded nicely from this collapse. The housing market has come back as well, and once again homes are appreciating over time. It would appear, at least for now, that buying a home is a strong investment once again, and that if you’re able to hold onto that home for a long period of time you’re likely to make a significant amount of money when you sell it. Thus, if you’ve been thinking to yourself “I want to sell my house now,” the timing simply couldn’t be better. At no time since The Great Recession has the market been better for selling your home. If you were able to weather the storm of this period of time then you’re likely going to make a fair amount of money when you sell your home. The first step is to have your home appraised; it’s like to be appraised at a greater value than you bought it at, which means you’ll make money when you sell it. If you’re actually considering putting your home on the market you should get in touch with the experts at Sold Yesterday. Comprised of a team of market experts, they purchase homes from people who need to sell them quickly. Whether you lost your job or you are simply moving for work, they can help you get your home sold quickly so you no longer have that on your plate. If you’ve thought “I want someone to buy my house now,” then you should absolutely get in touch with the professionals at Sold Yesterday. Visit their website today to learn more.