shared office space

The use of shared office space is something that has really taken off in the last few years, and the trend doesn’t seem to be slowing down anytime soon. Indeed, even the set up of these spaces seems to be rubbing off on businesses in the traditional work setting. This move towards brighter and more open work spaces and towards work settings that promote positivity and creativity is something that seems to be driving many people towards new ways to look at and think about the settings in which they work. Whether you are a traditional business looking for ways to reengage your employees or a coworking space built on this model, the trend to continue to set up a workspace in this way certainly isn’t going anywhere. Indeed, forecasts are showing that this move away from the more traditional work setting of cubicles and closed off offices isn’t going anywhere, and that as things move and change, we are likely to continue to see these trends happening. There are just so many reasons why people are choosing to work in these environments rather than the somewhat stifling environment of the traditional workspace. Here are a few of the reasons why the trends are continuing to move towards these open floor plans and shared office spaces.

  • They provide more energy: Even when looking at an image of a coworking space it is to understand why they are so popular. Coworking spaces have this openness about them. There is an intentionality about lighting and set up that makes it not only feel energized, but also provides a certain element of care and comfort. To know that someone put so much thought into the place where you are working can feel so powerful; it makes you feel valued and therefore energizes your work. This is a good reason for even traditional businesses to make the leap towards working with spaces in this way.
  • They provide camaraderie: When you are working in a shared office space, you can get a kind of camaraderie and support that you just don’t find always in the traditional work setting. Perhaps it is because you know that the people around you are all likeminded and working on similar types of projects, or perhaps it is because these people aren’t your coworkers in the traditional sense of the word. Regardless, coworking spaces pride themselves on the kind of community created, and that is something special.
  • They provide structure without restrictions: Many people who work remotely need a bit of structure to help them stay on track, but they still want the flexibility that has driven them to work remotely in the first place. Shared office spaces allow them a place to come and work in a non-traditional but still office like setting that gives them a sense of ownership over the structure of their job.

You can see why these types of work spaces are really taking off! Office Evolution Lone Tree is a great place to get started using a coworking space near you!