solar panels

  1. People that live in parts of the country with cold climates have begun to use solar power to heat their pools. There are two reasons why heating a pool with a solar panel system is becoming so popular. To begin with, swimming pools are becoming very popular across the country these days. It was not long ago that swimming pools were primarily something that people had in the southern part of the country, exactly because the north’s cold winters make the upkeep of a pool a serious hassle for much of the year, but during the late part of 2007 when the housing market was suffering from its big slump, many real estate agents stated to find that houses with swimming pools sold for much more than homes without them. Houses with pools could bring in as much as an extra 15 grand, yet the construction of a swimming pool in most cases only cost around 8. In just 2 years, tens of thousands of swimming pools were built in the northern part of the country in order to attract new buyers. The boom was the largest in the history of swimming pools since the 1950’s. Of course, in the north the cost of heating a swimming pool can be outrageous, and people didn’t want to give up their swimming for half the year so the solar panel became a very common way to provide the extra, low cost energy to what these new northern swimming pools. The second cause for the increase in homes that use solar panels to heat their pools is due to the fact that new studies have shown that the majority of swimming pool bacteria can be killed or avoided if the water in a pool is kept above a certain temperature, so instead of spending boatloads on chlorine and other water treatment chemicals, a great many home owners decided to make the switch to heated pools to keep their water clean. Online sites like are still receiving record numbers of new clients to this day. As long as the public continues to build private pools, the number of solar panel systems that are installed will also continue to climb.
  2. Next on the list of popular uses for solar power comes by way of the green sector. More homes and commercial plant growers have started to use solar panel energy as a means of keeping the climate controlled in their greenhouses each year. Solar panel instillation is way up for people that have their own greenhouses, as the heat that the solar panels provide brings a low cost way to regulate temperatures. Private growers who have greenhouses as a hobby have had to only keep seasonal greenhouses in the past, as the cost of heating a greenhouse with traditional electricity is way too high, but not anyone can take part in year round greenhouse growing with the solar panel energy. Commercial growers have also taken notice of the potential energy savings a greenhouse powered by solar panel can bring and are using them as well.