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Pipe fabricators are one of the many workforces that people think relatively little about until they need them. Until you’ve been put in charge of a project at your company to construct a new water treatment facility you likely haven’t spent more than a few seconds considering the job that pipe fabricators do in the United States. They are the people that design, manufacture and deliver custom pipes to all of the companies, businesses and industries that need them. In the case of the hypothetical person overseeing the construction of a new water treatment facility, pipe fabricators are about to become his/her best friend seeing as though such facilities generally have thousands of meters of pipe. Whether you are constructing a water facility, a chemical plant, an oil refinery or some other building that requires miles upon miles of piping, you’re going to need pipe fabricators to manufacture it for you. It’s a difficult job that requires a great amount of skill and expensive equipment. Thus, it’s not something you can do on your own. If you work for a major company and you’re looking to hire pipe fabricators for the job, there are three key things that these fabricators should offer. If they don’t offer these three things then look elsewhere, because they are necessary if you want your job to be done in a timely fashion. http://www.turner-industries.com/About-Turner1. Streamlined Assembly. If you have a major piping project and you need it done quickly you need a company with a streamline assembly. The best way to ensure that you find such a company is to look for one with years of experience. The more experienced companies have generally come up with a way to streamline their pipe fabrication process, making the assembly of bolts and bending pipes much simpler. The more streamlined a company’s assembly is the quicker they can produce the pipes you need. 2. Quick Production Time. In general, the companies that offer streamlined assembly are also the companies with the quickest production. No matter the project you’re hiring a pipe fabrication company for the quicker they can get the job done the better. Some companies out there can take weeks to produce a few meters of pipe, so make sure the company you choose knows how to cut their production time. 3. Large Output. Although this mostly applies to companies in need of large amounts of piping, you’ll want to find a company that can produce piping at an incredible rate. The easier it is for them to fabricate large amounts of piping the quicker you can get your job done. Turner Industries is one of the few companies specializing in pipe fabrication that has dedicated themselves to the three things above. They have spent the last 30-plus years perfecting their pipe fabrication process to ensure that their assembly is streamlined, that their production time is minimized and that they’re able to produce piping at whatever pace their clients need it. If you need a pipe fabricator Turner Industries is the place to turn.