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When you accidentally spill something on your carpet, your first instinct may be to call a commercial cleaning service to take care of it, but before you dial that number you may first want to open your cabinet and check if you have any of these household products which can really save you a lot of trouble and cash when trying to clean off a tough stain, be it some red wine or your pet’s mess.


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Ammonia – Simply mix up 1 cup of ammonia to 2 liters of warm water and sponge the mixture onto the stained area. Dry out the area and repeat if desired and the stain will lift out in no time.

Beer – If you accidentally spilt some coffee or tea onto your rug, you may find it impossible to clean out. The solution is to simple pour a little amount of booze right on the stained area, after which, rub the affected area and watch the stain fade away. Repeat if needed. You can do this for upholstery cleaning, as well.

Vinegar – Vinegar is probably considered the hero in removing pesky stains. Vinegar can be mixed with anything to make it work better. For starters, you can mix 2 tbsp of salt to ½ cup of vinegar. Rub the mixture into the stain and let it dry.

Cornstarch – If the carpet has been stained with some ink, all you need is a mixture of milk and cornstarch made into a paste. The paste should be applied to the ink stain. The paste will take a few hours to dry, after which you can brush and vacuum the residue.

Shaving cream – If your kids accidentally spilled some juice on the carpet, it can all be taken care of with a little shaving cream that is applied to the area and blotted with a wet towel. The shaving cream scent does a bit of deodorization on your carpet, as well.

Salt – Red wine spills can be a nightmare on white carpets, so while the area is still wet, apply some white wine to dilute it then clean with water and a sponge. The cleaned area should be sprinkled with some salt and after 10 minutes cleaned up.

Borax – The stained area should be dampened after which must be applied with some borax. When dry, vacuum the area and blot it with a mixture of vinegar and soapy water. Take caution when using borax however, because it may affect the color of the carpet.

WD 40 – Simply spray some WD 40 onto the stained area and after a couple of minutes, apply your regular carpet cleaner. The WD 40 helps loosen any stain and helps lift it up.

Hydrogen Peroxide – If you find a stain on your carpet and you are not sure what caused the stain but still want it to be removed, you can use a mixture of a tsp of 3% hydrogen peroxide with some cream of tartar or some non-gel toothpaste. Rub it onto the stain and rinse.

Paint Remover – If nail polish, paint, or ink is spilled onto the carpet, you can use a small dab of paint remover on the area to remove the stain.