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You may have heard your grandparents talking about names like “Little Boy” or “Fat Man”. You may have also heard them mentioning about these “bombs” and “nukes” during their time. Well, what they are talking about is the wartime weapons used way back in WW2 when atomic bombs were used against the enemies of the allies at the time.

The debut of the nuclear element, Uranium was first when the Manhattan Project, a top secret operation was put into action. This operation involved a number of scientists trying to develop an atomic bomb. In the U.S. a number of mines started popping up in the West, particularly the Colorado Plateau. This is the place that connected the corners of Arizona, Utah, Colorado, and New Mexico. This time was in connection with the Atomic Energy Act of 1946. The act allowed uranium to be mined around the country provided that the uranium they have extracted will go to the government and no one else.

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The Grand Canyon, which is one of the country’s natural wonders, has been under debate about the uranium deposits in it. A number of parties have gone against each other where one side is against uranium mining in the area due to it being a tourist attraction and the other being for uranium mining. This was a debate on tourism vs. natural resources. In fact, there are a number of amateur miners that have located several radioactive areas in the canyon that is now known as the Orphan Mine of the Grand Canyon National Park.

Back in the Second World War, the element was being used by the military in a powerhouse matter.

An expert historian has noted the transition of the element uranium from weed to weapon. It was first view as a pigment that had no use in our world. However, it soon became a very powerful element in war.

However, the hunger for the element uranium wasn’t merely contained in the North American continent. The demand for uranium production around the world started to grow during the 1950s when an arms race started to ensue. This arms race was between two very powerful countries, the United States, and the Soviet Union. This was when the element was being developed in a high concentrate to be used in powerful nuclear weapons. As the arms race went on, many other countries started developing their weapons just in case the world would be plunged into another war and there would be a need to defend one’s country and allies. This was the hunt for what the people called “wonder metal”. Uranium stocks have risen quite steadily since then.

When the arms race started to simmer down, the use of uranium started shifting towards it being used as a source of power. This was when nuclear power started becoming popular. The idea of atomic culture started fading when free markets were becoming the norm of the time. There was also a fear growing around nuclear technology. Ever since the Three Mile Island accident back in 1979, people started become fearful. However uranium still has a lot to offer us in the future.